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Top Tips for Preparing Your Stock

Ensuring that each and every vehicle which comes into your dealership is prepped for retail as soon as possible and ready for collection once sold can be a challenge, that is, if you do not have processes in place to keep things efficient. A little organisation can go a long way when it comes to preparing stock.

Track Progress

The best way to stay on top of the work that your cars require before they are ready for sale is to make a list for every vehicle that you own of all of the prep work which needs to be carried out.

If you have a car which needs an MOT or bodywork, you can add this to the list which correlates to the vehicle, followed by a checklist. As each item of work is completed, you can tick it off the list, noting down the date of completion.

Optimise the Process

Not only will this help you stay on top of where every vehicle is in the preparation process and make sure that everything gets done, but it also means that you have an account of how long each part of the process takes.

This is useful because it can bring your attention to any parts of the system which cars are continuously getting stuck at, which means that you will know exactly where improvements are needed. You can then optimise the process of getting your vehicles ready for retail so that it is as efficient as possible.

Keep a Stock Diary

It is not just vehicle preparations which can get confusing. For larger dealers, collections can also be difficult to manage, and you may want to consider having a calendar specifically for pick-ups. On this calendar, whether digital or paper based, you can note down the date and time of every collection so that you know when each vehicle needs to be prepped by, and you can set targets for the completion of each piece of work accordingly.

This calendar can be referred to when you are arranging a collection with a customer, so that you can distribute a time slot when no one else is collecting, so that the process will be quick and easy for the customer.

The benefit of this is that you shouldn’t ever find yourself facing the inconvenience of having several customers coming in to pick up their vehicles at the same time, which can be chaotic and frustrating for everyone.

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