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Workshop cameras to be as important as spanners says report

Video will become increasingly important over the next few years so dealers can plug the communication gap between the workshop and customers and build trust, a report says.

One in five at management level believe that managing a personalised video will be a core skill for technicians and a must-have for any dealership which does service work and that their importance will double over the next few years as customers come to expect it.

The vast majority in the industry believe technicians already have the skills needed to video their work but around a third say customers need to be better informed about what is being done to their vehicle and why. Being transparent will generate more trust and help explain to the customer why the garage is charging for the parts and the work being done.

The research carried out by car industry video pioneer, CitNOW, for the launch of its report `Workshop Professional of the Future’ shows just how important video will be.

Communications gap between workshop and customer

Almost a fifth – 19% – of technicians predict it will be in the top three most important skills for a workshop professional by 2025. Just one person in ten thinks technicians will need much upskilling but many more, nearly one in three, believe there is a clear gap in the ability of the dealership and workshop to communicate clearly with the customer.

Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services, CitNOW, said: “With technology taking a greater role in workshops each day, the results provide robust evidence to support the fact personalised video is seen by the sector as a vital service, and that it must be part of technicians’ skills sets.
“Our latest report reveals some intriguing findings. With a large percentage seeing video presentation skills as among the most important in the years to come, the ability to communicate effectively is becoming fundamental.”

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