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29% of motorists allowed their MOT certificate to expire

A new study conducted by Kwik Fit has revealed that 29% of British motorises have forgotten to renew their MOT certificate before their existing one expired.

Based on a sample size of 2,000, this percentage could be relative to roughly 11.6 million UK motorists. A further 16% of respondents admitted to repeatedly forgetting to renew their vehicle’s MOT certificate in the past.

Of those who let their MOT lapse, 24% used their car for three days or less, however the average length of time drivers used their cars without an MOT certificate was 66!

Driving a car without a valid MOT certificate on a public road is illegal unless the vehicle is being driven to, or from, a pre-booked MOT test centre. If caught, offenders risk a fine of up to £1,000 or, if the vehicle is deemed to be dangerous, up to £2,500.

 Book in advance to avoid slip-ups

Kwik Fit’s communications director, Roger Griggs, said:

“It is concerning to see that people are knowingly or unwittingly driving a vehicle which could pose a danger to them or other road users,”

“Allowing a vehicle’s MOT to expire is not only potentially dangerous, there is also the chance of a significant financial penalty and in some cases, it could cost someone their licence.

“We understand that people have busy lives and MOT dates can slip off the calendar or a ‘to do’ list. To assist with this we have a reminder service people can sign up to, confirming a vehicle’s MOT due date. We would encourage drivers who don’t have a note of their expiry date to check it and get it marked in the calendar with plenty of time, to avoid any issues. March is a peak month for MOTs and so drivers should book as far in advance as possible to ensure they don’t end up driving illegally.”

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