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3 Top Tips to Move Metal in July

Since the registration change, the number of vehicle purchases has surged meaning retailers have made the most of this exceptionally productive period.

Shopper’s behaviour in the month of July was analysed in 2016 and it was found to be a busier time for sales of vehicles and parts. In fact, overall, it was 5% higher in July than in March.

There are a few different ways in which you can ensure that you’re embracing each opportunity and turning the customers into a sale:

  1. Documenting Buyer Behaviour

By recording individual customer’s data, you can predict future needs due to their past behaviour. Each buyer differentiates from each other and it is vital that you don’t assume their preferences will be the same when basing needs on age or gender. There are a variety are factors which can affect a person’s preference and with classic demographics, these can become stereotypical and it creates a risk of inaccuracy.

Showing an understanding of your customers to make business decisions through analysing and capturing their behaviours when shopping can attract potential customers as it shows you have taken the time to get to know them as people.

  1. Don’t Miss Opportunities to Cross-Sell or Up-Sell

The peak in July for the sale of vehicles and car accessories shows that there is a bigger window to cross-sell a range of stock at this particular time during the year.

It was noticed that there was also an increase in car modification and car-tuning during July, suggesting that in Summer time people choose to give their cars a revamp. Used cars teams need to be aware of this to make sure that they have the stock to cater to the high demand.

Dealers should be thinking ahead to the coming months and years as to what customers may be looking to buy alongside of their new vehicles such as tyres, oil and parts? This is where capturing your customer’s data can help further as you can keep a record of what they’re purchasing and you could potentially offer them personalised deals and things they genuinely have a need for when they are at their most amenable.

Showing a deeper understanding will increase the chance of second and maybe even third purchases, and can help to build brand loyalty.

  1. Think Beyond the Forecourt

Showrooms are a major part of any dealership but online sales should also complement the whole strategy. Nowadays, more and more people are completing car purchases via the web and even on mobile phones.

61% of all cars that were purchased on eBay in 2016 were done by mobile phone, and around 500 purchases made every hour were auto-related.

To get a greater insight into the motorist’s minds dealers should consider the tools available online. By doing this, browsers can be turned into paying customers.

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