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5 Social Media Ideas to Get Customers Engaging

They say that you need to be in it to win it, and social media is no different. With Statista reporting 45 million active social media users in the UK, everybody in business knows that you need to have a social media presence to succeed. Ask yourselves though, “is that enough?”

Advertising the latest vehicles for sale is a dealership’s bread and butter, but is your business really doing all that it can to engage and impress your potential customers? It’s okay if you said no, managing a business’ social media is a lot trickier than it initially seems.

Here are five of our top tips to maximise your social media management.


1. Encourage conversations

We all know that customers can be opinionated from time to time, but why not use that to your advantage? Hosting a poll is a great way to get your customers engaging with your business and chatting to one another.

You can even spark discussions on platforms like Twitter and Instagram by building polls directly into your posts and stories respectively. Now, customer can’t chat in your Instagram stories but what you can do is host a poll and then post the results onto your main feed to see what your followers have to say about the results.

2. Show off your web content

It’s as simple as it sounds – use your social media to share updates from your website! Did you put a new blog up? Share it! Have you recently built a new page to celebrate a certain product? Shout about it!

Social media is the perfect place to share and celebrate everything going on around your dealership. Not only does sharing your content boost your customers’ confidence in buying from you, it shows them that you’re regularly updating your website, it can also get you a few extra page views.

3. Get personal

When you’re posting from a business page it can be hard for customers to put faces to the profile, and when you’re in the automotive industry it’s all about getting to know one another and building a strong rapport, isn’t it?

Well, social media is just that: it’s social. So, make it personal! Show off your staff whenever you can by getting them involved in your posts.

4. Make use of user-generated content

If you have a happy customer, ask them if they wouldn’t mind posing for a photo. When you’re looking for a company to make a purchase from, it’s good to see the positive experiences of other customers have had there. Sharing reviews and handover pictures is a fantastic way to achieve that.

Maybe a customer shared a video of their half-term road trip and tagged you in the post. Don’t be afraid to ask them if you can share their video! The response you get might just surprise you.

5. Celebrate success

Social media is a great place to shout about your business’ success. Brag about your employees reaching milestone anniversaries, show off your showroom refurbishment, or simply give an insight into the daily life of an automotive dealership. Did a colleague pass a new training course with flying colours? Give them a digital pat on the back for all to see; your customers will love it.

Just like when you use your own personal social media accounts, customers are interested in human stories. They want to see what’s happening within your business and what visiting you might be like. While simply snapping a picture of an employee’s birthday cupcakes might not seem like much, it sends an impression to potential (and existing) customers that you’re a business that cares about its people.


So, the next time you go to post on social media, take a moment to think and ask yourself, “what impression are we giving to our customers?”

Or, if you’re wondering how you’ll find the time to do all of this, don’t worry! Help is at hand. Click Dealer has a team of experienced social media specialists who can manage your business’ social media on your behalf!

If you’d like to find out more about Click Dealer’s social media management services, then please get in touch with us on 01782 478 220 or by email using marketing@clickdealer.co.uk


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