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71% of Consumers Considering an EV for their Next Car!

The level of disruption in the automotive industry is currently off the charts, with new vehicle technologies and retailing systems drawing closer to the mainstream market. Auto Trader’s latest Market Report investigates consumer attitudes to these and helps to put into perspective the speed at which the industry is changing.

This month’s report focuses on the future and the evolution of cars, examining consumer opinions of electric and alternative fuel vehicles and autonomous options, as well as looking at general concerns.

EVs and AFVs

The findings of the research reveal that there has been significant growth in consumer appetite for low emission vehicles. Survey participants were asked whether or not they would consider buying an electric vehicle as their next car and 71% responded positively. When the same question was asked in Autotrader’s September 2017 Market Report, only 25% said that they would consider an EV, which is a huge leap.

In order to ensure that profitability is maintained, retailers should begin to prepare for the rapidly increasing demand in these vehicles. This may involve training sales staff on EV technology and models or investing in charging points. Incorporating car finance messaging into AFV and EV marketing could help to soften the higher initial prices of these vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles

While motorists are clearly warming to the idea of owning EVs and AFVs at a fast pace, the same is not quite true in the case of autonomous vehicles. The report found that 80% of people would be wary of using a car, taxi or bus without the safety of a human driver. Although, findings did also reveal a lack of understanding about autonomous features.

Vehicle dealers can help to increase sales opportunities and also improve customer loyalty by explaining and demonstrating autonomous vehicle features to customers and also by avoiding complex jargon that could alienate them. It could also be sensible to target autonomous vehicle marketing toward existing owners, because if they have already adopted these technologies, they are likely to want them in their next vehicle.

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