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Revhead Ramblings’ Alex Baker Reviews Auto Trader’s New Car Awards Winners!

Recently, Auto Trader released the results of their New Car Awards, where over 43,000 motorists had their say and the table shows a wide array of cars, with just one offering from Germany; surprising to say the least.

Here’s Click Dealer’s breakdown of the various awards categories such as as the ‘New Car of the Year’ category, penned by our Revhead Ramblings blogger Alex Baker.

New Car of the Year


The most prestigious award on offer was the New Car of the Year trophy, runners-up included the BMW 1 Series and the Peugeot 3008 but taking the top spot was the Skoda Octavia! Based on the Volkswagen Group base, the Octavia offers build quality and equipment on par with the Germans for a far more appealing price.

Best Family Car

Another crown for the Czech company was the Family Car Award. The Skoda Superb was voted the best by thousands of owners, particularly down to its space and reliability. Family life is demanding, so owning a car that makes each trip a little easier is sure to be a hit with both parents and their offspring.

Best City Car

The ‘Best Car for City Driving’ surprisingly wasn’t a little hatchback. Owners loved the Ford Kuga in the city thanks to its surprisingly low running costs and the peace of mind it offers to occupants thanks to its raised driving position. It also rated highest for comfort and durability.

Best Value New Car/Best Car for Young Drivers

When looking for a new car, beyond the gadgets and the engines; all we really want is a good deal. So, the ‘Best Value New Car’ has been voted as the Kia Rio!

In this case value doesn’t mean cheap, there are plenty of vehicles on the market that offer similar for less but the overall package is nowhere near as good! The simplicity of the car has also seen it win the ‘Best Car for Young Drivers’ award too!

Best Car for Long Distances

Long distance driving is an inevitable chore for millions of people every day, arduous trips to work on the motorway are a part of life; it seems those who rack up these miles have found their favourite car to accompany them however.

The Hyundai Tucson has been voted as the Best Car for Long Distance thanks to its commanding driving position and long warranty, proving peace of mind.

Most Fun Car to Drive

It’s an ongoing theme in the automotive world that the Mazda MX-5 provides one of the best driving experiences around, less focused on speed than other cars on the market, Mazda have given particular focus to the driving dynamics and feedback provided. Reviewers have said there is rarely a time they leave the car without a great big smile on their face!

Brand with the Best Car Features

With each passing day, manufacturers are developing groundbreaking technology ready to feature in their new cars. From entertainment systems to safety tech, they spend millions on R&D for these innovations. The Manufacturer who’re believed to offer the best features is Nissan. Not only are their products cutting edge, they’re often included in the price of the car rather than costing thousands in optional extras.

Best Car Launched in the Last Year

Since Geely took over, Volvo have been making waves in the automotive world. Their designs are simple yet desirable and their model range is sublime. It’s no wonder then, that the XC60 has taken a crown for the ‘Best Car Launched in the Last Year’, the medium sized SUV from Volvo impresses in a range of areas, particularly safety and technology.

Best Value Brand

For the price most people spend on a second-hand car, they could have been driving away in a car fresh off the production line with a full warranty to keep you happy as you put in the miles. Dacia are renowned for their value-for-money. Owners loved the space offered and the frugal engines.

Best Cars for Dog Owners

With 1 in 4 families in the UK owning dogs, it’s crucial that we have a wide variety of cars capable of accommodating our four-legged friends. From smart accessories such as a boot liner to a tough interior to keep playful pups at bay. The winner was the new Honda Civic, it was chosen thanks to its smooth driving nature and vast boot!

Most Reliable Brand

It’s no good buying a car for it to break down every month, paying a premium for reliability is often the best choice and the motorists of Britain have decided on their brand. Lexus are seen to offer the most reliable cars with the lowest average repairs per year out of any car those who gave feedback had. ‘Precision craftmanship’ and ‘superb build and engineering qualities’ were just some of the notes people made.

Best Green Car

This year there has been a great focus on turning away from fossil fuels in our cars, with the rise of Tesla and more and more charging stations popping up; it’s become increasingly easy for motorists to make the switch to green power.

Ironically, the car chosen for its green credentials is an offering from Volkswagen! The Passat GTE beat off strong opposition such as the Renault Zoe and BMW i3. Runners-up included, the Golf GTE and the Tesla Model S.

The consumers have spoken! Every aspect of driving has been judged and these are the overall winners. With such a range of manufacturers, it’s a great sign of things to come and gives us confidence that our favourite brands aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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