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Why Analogue Supercars Should Still Be Produced

Supercars today are stupendously fast, there’s no denying that. When hatchbacks are reaching 400BHP you know things are getting ridiculous!

To keep all 400 horses on the road though, requires a large helping of electronic input, including traction control, ABS and forced induction.

Electronic Controls 

While this helps you to enjoy the full limits of your car, it doesn’t require much to get there; other than a heap of courage. The supercars of the 80’s however made you work for every smile. Keeping revs high to maintain turbo boost, wrestling with an unpowered steering wheel, and controlling your right foot to stop the brakes locking up. Scary at the time, but this full body workout is a much more rewarding experience, you know that the car needs your full concentration and array of skills to keep it on track and performing at its best.

Heyday of Driving

True analogue cars should lack almost all electronic driving aids like ABS and traction control, the engine is usually naturally aspirated (or at the very least suffer from turbo lag,) and feature a manual gearbox.

When this is all combined it produces a driving experience unmatched by anything produced in the past decade, you’re in full control, no engine management cutting power because you’re sliding or spinning the wheels. You’re in control and completely responsible for whatever occurs.

Drivers Cars

These attributes are shown in the likes of the Ferrari F40, McLaren F1 and more recently the Zonda F and Porsche Carrera GT. These cars are true legends in the automotive world because they allow for a completely pure driving experience.

The McLaren shows that a lack of electronic aids doesn’t deduct from the capabilities of the car as it was once the fastest car in the world. The F40 is seen as the best Ferrari ever because of its raw nature and the Zonda is a pristine example of uncompromised craftmanship and design.

Despite the age of these cars, I’d imagine a large portion of the population would pick one over a modern supercar because of the legacy they’ve left behind and the thrill no modern car can match.

Autonomous Future of Supercars

To the vast majority of people on the road, the idea of removing potentially lifesaving features is insane, but to petrol heads it makes sense. With electronics overtaking more and more of our precious control, it really isn’t going to be too long before we’re no longer needed; that’s a sad thought.

There are few things that can put a smile on a car fanatics face like the back end kicking out on a quick corner or wrestling with the steering wheel to arrow yourself into a bend, the thought of losing these delights is harrowing.

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