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Ashbrow Garage Receives Two Highly Commended Status Nods at AutoTrader’s Click Awards!

Ashbrow Garage recently received highly commended status in AutoTrader’s Click Awards Categories for Data Driven Retailer of the Year and Best Digital Customer Experience respectively at a glamorous awards bash in London.

Click Dealer went to Ashbrow Garage, Huddersfield to congratulate the team and catch up with Operations Manager Carlton Chapman, to talk about Ashbrow’s amazing recent success story.

Click Dealer spoke to Ashbrow Garage Operations Director, Carlton Chapman.
Carlton, Many Congratulations on Ashbrow Garage’s Highly Commended Status in AutoTrader’s Click Award Categories for Data Driven Retailer of the Year and Best Digital Customer Experience, You Must Be Delighted?

We’re very pleased with the award as it shows a good team effort from all the guys.

What Do You Think It Was That Made You Stand Out as a Dealership in Terms of the Best Digital Customer Experience Category in Comparison to Your Competitors?

I think the commendation came due to a combination of a few things, the use of Click has given us a lot of control over adverts and stock management and things like that, which has culminated in a few techniques that we have used where we are constantly monitoring our pricing against our competitors on a weekly basis and adjusting them frequently.

Our digital image has come a long way since we moved to Click Dealer as we have revamped the website and it is constantly updated through Click.

You Were Highly Commended in the Data Driven Retailer Category at the Click Awards Too, Just How Important is Data to Your Business?

Exceptionally important, there’s a lot of data to analyse to ensure that you are one step ahead of the curve. There’s a lot of competition in this industry so you must have the right image.

That’s achieved by analysing the data that have you got, looking at how long you’ve had cars in stock, how many enquiries you’ve had on a car and things like that.

So, the reporting functions we get from Click’s dealer management software is very important.

What is it That You’re Doing Differently to Your Competitors Which Has Led to Your Highly-Commended Status in These Award Categories?

I think it is largely down to Robert’s (Ashbrow Garage Owner) pricing strategy which allows us to provide some of the best prices in the industry.

Due to this strategy, our prices will always be some of the cheapest, if not the cheapest in the entire country.

You Mentioned Earlier That Click Dealer Had a Big Baring on You Achieving the Highly-Commended Status in the Best Digital Customer Experience Category at the Click Awards, Just How Much Has Click Helped?

Since we have gone with Click Dealer, it has really streamlined everything. From the cars coming into stock, the preparation side, putting them online, feeding them into AutoTrader etc.

It has given us a lot more power to turn things around more quickly and made things a lot more streamlined. Now it is all done automatically through Click and is all web based.

Storage as well has been a big improvement as we no longer need servers so the technology on site can be minimal. It has really sped up the whole process.

What Differences Have You Noticed Website Wise Since Being a Click Dealer Customer?

The website has a lot more functionality, customers have a lot more options like the search facility and much better pictures.

It has a great layout for the customers to find the information they are looking for and there is a lot of customisation options if we ever want to add something.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us Carlton, it’s much appreciated. We’ll let you get back to selling cars now!
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