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When it comes to developing lead generation strategies, many business people will leap straight to advertising to gain interest from new sources, missing a valuable opportunity in past customers. According to a survey conducted by Click Dealer, repeat business rates tend to be low amongst dealerships, and our data shows that while substantial sums of money are spent on advertising costs, existing data possessed by dealers is not being used.

Key Marketing Reminders are part of the award-winning ClickDMS. Designed by Click Dealer to prevent opportunities for repeat business from slipping through the net. You will probably have already captured all of the data necessary to bring customers back into your dealership and our campaigns will help you organise it to ensure that you are capitalising on the information.

If you sign up for this service, Click will provide a marketing list for your business, which will allow you to send marketing messages at the optimum time, for example, when a customer’s finance or warranty agreement is due to end or when an MOT needs to be renewed. This marketing can reengage customers and draw them back to your business to once again, become a sales opportunity.

Key Marketing Reminders list

Vehicle owners are required to have an MOT test conducted annually, and if you have a service centre, this presents an excellent opportunity for you to bring your past customers back. Similarly, if a customer’s finance agreement is about to end, they may be considering initiating a new contract and if they receive an email from you inviting them to browse your current range of vehicles, this may encourage them to begin their search for a new car with you.

You will also be able to track customer engagement with the marketing messages you send out so that you can see what works and what doesn’t, and optimise your strategy based on this. We do not want our dealers to miss any opportunities, and we believe that using our Key Marketing Reminders will enable you to generate sales and retain customers in a simple, cost-effective way.

Stock Alerts

An easy and inexpensive way of bringing in leads for your dealership is to target your existing customer base, because you will have already captured useful consumer data, like contact information. Rather than spending large amounts of money on advertising costs to attract new people to your business, you may want to consider prioritising customer retention.

Sending out marketing messages is an excellent way of ensuring that your brand stays in your customers’ minds, which increases the likelihood of repeat business. You do not want to overload people with these messages, as this risks customers unsubscribing from them altogether, but instead, try to only send information which will be useful or interesting. One type of message that is particularly useful and persuasive is a product update.

With Click Dealer’s Stock Alerts, you can use one of our templates to send stock lists out to existing customers. These will make the recipients aware of any new vehicles that have come into stock and any price reductions, which may entice them to make another purchase with you.

Stock Alerts also go hand in hand with Click Dealer’s Key Marketing Reminders, which will ensure that your stock messages are sent at the best possible moment, for example, when a customer’s finance agreement is about to end. Both features aim to increase repeat business, helping you gain sales leads without having to spend a thing on advertising costs.

For more information on ClickDMS and how Click Dealer can help your business, contact The Clickers on 01782 478220, via marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or through our contact page.


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