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Automotive Website Design Tweaks that Can Increase Your Conversions

Your automotive website is a very important element of your business, acting as your virtual dealership. In the same way that you may use certain sales techniques with walk-in customers, there are certain website design techniques you can use to boost your conversions.

Visual aspects can play a significant part in convincing website visitors to stay on your site, take in the most important content and make enquiries. Here are some of the design strategies that we use when we design automotive websites at Click Dealer.

Contrasting CTA Buttons

There are a number of different variables that can be altered with call-to-action buttons, the most important being their colour. In the image below, you will notice that the search button is a different colour to everything else on the page.

One way to test which parts of a web page pop is to squint. When the image is blurred, the viewer’s eye should still be drawn to the CTA. As you can see, when the image below is blurry, the vibrant green button stands out, so consumers won’t be able to ignore it!Blurred image example

Attention-Grabbing Hero Images

A hero image is the large banner image that is prominently placed on a web page and they can have a dramatic impact on your homepage. As the first visual element that a user will encounter, your hero image should immediately capture attention, and show users what your brand is about.

In the image below, you see a luxury car in an eye-catching colour, with a defining statement over the top. The hero image and overlay work together to entice consumers.
Attention grabbing hero image

Provoking Colours

When choosing a brand or a product, consumers can be heavily influenced by colours. If you look at the Mercedes-Benz website, you’ll be greeted by a black, white and silver colour scheme, which looks chic, luxurious and elegant to match the brand’s vehicles.

In contrast, Renault’s website is more colourful and quirky, featuring yellow as one of its main colours. Yellow can be seen to represent happiness and life, which reflects the manufacturer’s slogan, ‘Passion for life’.

When the colour scheme matches the product, consumers are more like to make a purchase, because they are buying into an emotion that the product evokes, not just the product itself.

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