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What Does Your Automotive Website Say About Your Dealership?

First impressions count, so what do your customers think when they visit your automotive website?

Today, consumers spend a significant portion of their lives online and view so many websites that they have come to expect a certain standard. If your automotive website doesn’t meet this standard, visitors may not want to stay on it and instead could take their business elsewhere.

To assess whether or not the impression your website generates is a positive one, you should consider the following factors.


Put yourself in the shoes of a car buyer and try using your website from their perspective. Are you frustrated by how long it takes to load? Is the navigation well thought out, with links to the most important pages where you would expect them to be?

A good navigational structure and fast load times are key factors which contribute to a positive user experience. Car buyers want their purchase to be smooth and straightforward from start to finish, and if your website reflects this, they’ll have confidence in your dealership before even walking through your doors.

Appearance and Branding

From the font to the colours, every design element of your website should be chosen with care in order to elicit a particular response from users.


Your brand’s colours should be prominent and should reflect your company values. If you are a prestige car dealer, you may want to use rich reds or deep purples, which connote luxury, while yellows and greens can reflect positivity and friendliness. Try to stick to one or two main colours and avoid garish combinations.


As one of the first things that users will notice on your site, you may want to consider whether or not your company logo needs updating. Think about the message that it conveys to potential customers.


If you sell premium cars, you may be tempted to use a fancier font, but whatever you choose, make sure it is not difficult to read, users shouldn’t have to strain when exploring your content. Use no more than two different fonts throughout the site.

Less is usually more when it comes to website design and keeping to a limited number of fonts and colours is important. If there is too much going on, it can be distracting and may start to impact usability.

At Click Dealer, we have a team of professional web designers who can help you create a unique automotive website that looks great and is enjoyable to use.

To find out more about Click Dealer’s automotive websites, get in touch today by emailing marketing@clickdealer.co.uk, 01782 478 220 or via our contact page.



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