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How to Boost Parts Sales with Video

With competition so high in the used car market at the moment, car dealers must think outside of the box to find ways of maintaining profit margins while keeping screen prices low.

Many auto retailers use video as a vehicle health check tool, through which they can reassure customers and create an opportunity to boost parts sales when replacements are needed. But why stop there? Rather than using video just to promote parts that are needed, why not use it as a sales tool to increase interest in upgrades?

Seize the Opportunity

When a customer is due for a service, this is a prime opportunity to show off the components that could be added to during the process.

ClickDMS offers a feature which allows you to send key marketing reminders to customers at optimum times, for example, when their vehicle is due to come in for a service. At this prime point, you could send a video that not only reminds them that they need to schedule an appointment, but also shows off the parts which could be upgraded.

What makes video so useful for selling parts is that it is a visual tool, and parts are so much more appealing when they can be seen on a vehicle, rather than simply described.


Keep it Concise

Videos like this should not be too long and detailed as the aim is just to capture interest, customers can enquire further and get all the information when they contact you to book a servicing appointment.

Presentation is Key

Put your creative cap on and make sure that your video looks professional and reflects your business well. The background should be clean and tidy, which may require shooting to take place away from the garage. You could consider shooting parts demonstrations in front of your showroom or in front of some of your premium cars.

Keep Shooting

Use of video doesn’t have to stop at parts sales. This can be a great way to engage customers and communicate your product offering and promotions, so think about where else you could use video in your dealership.

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