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Increasing Number Of Brits Are Buying A Car Without A Test Drive

A recent study has found that over a quarter of UK consumers would be happy to buy a car online, having never seen the vehicle in person.

It has long been the case that consumers will shop online very comfortably for small value items such as food, toys and clothes. But research now shows that British shoppers are becoming increasingly willing to splash out on more expensive items like holidays, furniture, electronics and even cars!

This correlation relates largely to the generation of consumers who are now joining the automotive market and using technology to find their next car. By using YouTube to look at reviews of cars they’re interested in and looking at dealerships online reviews for quality and service, the modern consumer can quickly ascertain enough information to commit to making a purchase. The advantages of browsing online also makes comparing different models and dealerships easier and more efficient. It is easy to see where the greatest value deal is straightaway, rather than visiting endless showrooms collating a list of potential buys.

Over 39% of people claim that they shop online solely to avoid speaking with sales staff. This is perhaps for a few reasons. One being that they can start to feel pressured into something, and the truth is salesman will always try to upsell, and they can make it sound like a bargain. To avoid any risk of this, shopping online provides a safety barrier between consumers and ‘extras’. Over 86% of people claimed to buy more shopping than they needed when visiting a supermarket. This is down to promotional offers and displays that grab consumer attention when they visit the store. By using a computer to order shopping, the risk of buying non-essentials is reduced drastically.

Customers Seizing Power

While alarm bells could potentially be ringing with regards to a wide case of social avoidance, this is simply customers taking back control. By using various sources online, to scout the competition and listen to unbiased reviews, customers are perhaps becoming more aware than ever of the car they’re buying.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure your dealership is equipped to compete digitally. This includes a social media presence, detailed videos, photos and descriptions of each car on your website, a digital enquiry management system and salesmen who can utilise apps, such as WhatsApp, to communicate with buyers. Having a website with a high SEO score and running a variety of PPC campaigns can also help increase your online visibility and make sure your cars are easy for a customer to find.

Another tool you can use yourself to maximise success is to look on Youtube and see which used car reviews are getting a lot of hits. You can then look at bringing these cars into stock and sharing the website listing in the comments of the videos. When buying for the younger audience, it’s worth considering that they are likely to be interested in cars that have the latest tech, are fuel-efficient and cheap to insure.

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