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Can Reputation Analysis Benefit Dealers?

Every company has an online reputation and it is important to make this positive, as according to BrightLocal’s 2016 Survey, 91 per cent of consumers use online reviews when they are researching a business.

However, before making changes to develop your reputation, you need to know how your business is perceived in the first place, and this is where reputation analysis becomes necessary.

What is Reputation Analysis?

Reputation analysis is a service used to determine what data is returned when your business is searched for online. It will reveal which parts of your online reputation are well-built and which are not, as well as how your reputation compares with your competitors.

From this inspection, the analysis will also form a strategy to help you improve your reputation.

What Does an Analysis Involve?

When a reputation analysis is conducted, it will investigate a variety of areas, including:

  • The public’s general attitudes about your company from search engine and social media reviews and mentions.
  • Your rank on search engine results pages and how it compares with your competitor’s positions.
  • Links to your site and whether or not they are from authoritative sources.
How is Reputation Analysis Useful?

A reputation analysis will tell you the areas which need improvement. If improvements are made, and your reputation becomes stronger, your dealership can expect higher levels of visibility, more customers and increased profits.

There are various web tools that you can use to help make sure that your reputation development is successful.

A reputation analysis can therefore be extremely beneficial for car dealers, as once you have built an exceptional reputation, you will receive more customers without having to try!

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