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Click Dealer Launches New Social Media Management Service

At the beginning of March, Click Dealer introduced a new Social Media Management service to enhance our Search Engine Marketing offering and after its initial success and popularity, we are making it available to all of our dealers.
Why Has Click Dealer Released this Product?

Today, social media consumes our lives. Currently, there are more than 44 million active social media users in the UK alone, which is a huge target audience. At Click Dealer, we have recognised the potential of social media and we want our dealers to reap the rewards this new form of marketing offers.

We can rave about how great social media is and advise you to dedicate as much time to mastering it as possible, but we understand that dealers are very busy people. This is why we have created a qualified in-house team who are constantly working to develop the most effective social media marketing strategies and to understand the ever-changing algorithms of these platforms so that you don’t have to.

What Is Click Dealer’s Social Media Management Service?

Click Dealer’s Social Media Management Service aims to help your dealership gain the benefits of the most popular networking site in the UK, Facebook, without adding to your workload. The service includes the following:

  • Creation of unique and varied content
  • Regular organic posts
  • Implementation of bespoke advertising campaigns
  • Boosted engagement
  • Response to comments
  • Tracking of impressions, engagement, clicks and audience growth
  • Regular reports of your post, campaign and overall performance
How Can It Benefit My Dealership?

When you sign up for our Social Media Management Service, one of the first things that we’ll do is help you establish a set of objectives that you want to achieve through Facebook. We will then create a tailored strategy to help you achieve these goals. Your aims could include the following:

  • Increased reach
  • Increased impressions
  • Increased engagements

One of our clients has seen a 138.4% increase in audience growth, a 603.8% increase in impressions and a 50.3% increase in engagements since signing up for the service. These goals can contribute significantly to your dealership’s wider aims.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Facebook is a social network, which makes it an incredibly effective tool for increasing brand awareness. When you publish content, your followers and people who like your page will see it, and if they interact with this content, their followers will see it, and if those users interact, their followersOur social media experts will use tactics to maximise your reach and will create varied content to keep users interested and drive engagement, which will lead to increased brand awareness.
will continue to have a snowballing effect. This means that a lot of people would see your dealership’s name and logo who hadn’t previously.

Directing Traffic to Your Website

Our social media team will incorporate content designed to capture user interest. These posts will include backlinks, and each new link is a new point of entry to your website. If a high number of people visit your site, it will start to rank higher on Google, and this will drive even more traffic to your website. Increased traffic leads to increased conversion.

Building a Relationship with Your Target Audience

Social media is a convenient way for customers to interact with you, and for you to respond to them. This gives you the opportunity to find out what they think about your products and services so that you may improve them. Our posts aim to incite engagement, and if you would like us to reply to comments on your behalf, we will do so in a professional manner that matches your company tone of voice.

Improving Customer Retention

To expand on the previous point, building relationships with your followers and showing them that they matter by taking their constructive feedback on board, will improve customer loyalty. Additionally, posting regularly will help your brand stay in people’s minds even after they have bought from you, which is also likely to improve your retention rate.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Hopefully you are now convinced of the value of social media, but this doesn’t change the fact that getting to grips with Facebook’s marketing tools, keeping up to date with its changing algorithms and thinking of fresh, engaging content will take up a lot of your time. Our Social Media Management experts are here for those who want the reward without the extra work.

To find out more about Click Dealer’s Social Media Management Service, get in touch by emailing marketing@clickdealer.co.uk, calling 01782 478 220 or dropping us a message on our contact page. 


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