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Click Dealer’s Accelerator Pack Delivers Exciting Results

Click Dealer services such as our Accelerator Pack have helped our partners see sales of second-hand vans soar from just over 500 in September 2016 to more than 1,300 this year, and car sales from around 12,350 to 26,250.

Monthly sales graphs for Click Dealer customers show healthy and consistent growth in volume over the past three years and although some of that is down to the growth in the number of garages buying and using our DMS software, a lot of is due to the efficiencies our systems provide.

Leaving aside the usual seasonal peaks and troughs which always happen – such as the December drop-off followed by a rise in January. Our data shows a clear and upward trend in sales.

Click has Van and Car Sales On the Up

Sales graphs

Katie Pemberton, Click Dealer Client Services Manager, said:

“This data proves what we say, which is that our systems help dealers grow in a competitive market. It is true that some of the extra volume is because over the past three years this company has grown from having around 850 dealers to 1,400 today so there are more businesses using our management systems but it is equally true that what we supply works – after all, the increase in sales volumes outstrips the increase in the number of our customers.

“Take the Accelerator Pack for example. It has three elements, the Facebook marketplace integration, the Click Leads and the Click Media Plus app. Together these make uploading images and stock details much easier and faster, provides a slick and efficient response to leads coming in from a platform such as Auto Trader which builds confidence from someone interested in that vehicle that they are dealing with a professional business, and crucially, it analyses and breaks down the cost of those leads from various channels the dealers are advertising on.

Vital Management Data at a Single Point

“It gives them that vital management data at a single point which they can readily access so they can see which ones are working for them and which are not, where they need to perhaps spend a bit more or a bit less, and gives them the accurate information they rely on to steer their business towards maximising sales and profit.

“The Accelerator Pack is an end-to-end service; at the front end it makes displaying and describing stock much easier and faster and that has to be a big tick in its favour with our customers. At the back end, it gives them reliable, accurate and instant data on what is selling and on which platforms and how much it costs them to get that business.

“The short version is that it gives our dealers what they need to know to make sales and this new data proves that.”

For more information on Click Dealer’s Accelerator Pack or any of our other services, contact The Clickers on 01782 478220, via marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or through our contact page.


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