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Click Dealer Launches Subprime Finance Paid Social Leads Service!

Click Dealer has had great success managing some of the UK’s biggest bad credit finance companies and we want to offer you a chance to take advantage of our expert services with our new Subprime Finance Social Media Package.

Our Subprime Finance Leads package is tailored specifically for dealerships that offer car finance to customers with low credit ratings. We can help you generate leads from social platforms such as Facebook with a wide range of adverts. This package does not include everyday engagement posts, and instead solely focuses on ads.

After careful research and analysis, our social media experts create targeted and relevant adverts, that reflect your brand and style. Canvas ads are a relatively new tool in Facebook marketing, they allow you to display, text, video, and photos. This can help massively increase engagement and reach.

Benefits of Subprime Finance Paid Social
  • Increase your lead generation
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Lower cost per lead than PPC
  • Leads are sent to you directly
  • Features re-targeting and look-a-like campaigns
  • Sponsored Inboxes which uses Facebook Messenger adverts
  • Quality outbound social media adverts including Canvas ads, carousels and boosted posts
Monitoring Performance

Any advert that we run for you will be closely monitored, if the ad is underperforming, we will make changes to the targeting to achieve better results. The benefit of Facebook adverts over traditional advertising is that you only spend money when they make an impression. We will cover the ad spend which is included in your package and strategically use it to generate the highest amount of leads possible.

Click Dealer is dedicated to improving your company’s chances of obtaining business and raising brand awareness and we know that one of the best ways of doing this is promoting your name and business through social media marketing! Tap into the modern consumer market and make a memorable impression that we know can lead to an increase in leads, and therefore profit.

We will also provide you with monthly reports to give you an overview of your performance. These reports will show you how much engagement your ad campaigns receive, the extent of your reach (audience size) and follower demographics, allowing you to clearly visualise how our social media efforts are contributing to your brand awareness goals.

Tap into the modern consumer market and make a memorable impression that will generate you more enquiries.

If you’re still not sure about our Paid Social Media Management service, we’d be happy to discuss this with you in more detail and answer any questions. Request a callback via our contact us page or get in touch on 01782 478220 or via marketing@clickdealer.co.uk.


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