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Spending too much time managing stock on your dealership website?

Car dealers find themselves juggling a myriad of time-consuming responsibilities – from procuring stock and promoting them, to overseeing a forecourt and coordinating a sales team.

When time is of the essence, an efficient and robust system is paramount for success. As specialists in dealership websites and software, we understand the unique challenges dealers encounter while handling both their stock and backend operations. Do you want to know how a powerful Dealership Management System (DMS) and a carefully crafted website work together to save you precious time? Then keep reading to find out.

Integration is King

In the digital age, your dealership’s online presence is often the first point of contact for potential customers. However, having a stunning website is just the tip of the iceberg. The real magic happens when your website seamlessly integrates with a robust DMS. This integration transforms your website into a comprehensive platform that not only showcases your inventory but also streamlines your entire vehicle management process.

Uploading stock onto your website can be a time-consuming task, particularly when it involves all the logistics of organising vehicles for photo sessions and inputting detailed vehicle information. Of course, it is possible to showcase your vehicles with just a website, but why not make a bigger impact by coupling with a DMS? This seamless dynamic duo will really make a huge impact to your uploading process.

Here are 5 automated features within our Click Dealer platform that will take the drama out of adding new stock:

1) Automatically feeding into other major platform portals

For many dealers, their website isn’t the only place they showcase their vehicles. Using a DMS that automatically feeds into other major platform portals, such as Auto Trader, MOTORS and Car Gurus, means your stock gets more online exposure without spending another second re-keying it all in and potentially halving your time. This real-time synchronisation ensures your online inventory is always up to date and reduces the chances of you double-selling your stock.

2) DVLA Lookup Tool

Using the DVLA lookup tool to add your vehicle into the system, you can simply enter the vehicle registration number and the majority of information will pre-populate for you, saving you time doing it all manually. Entering data, such as make, model, transmission, and engine size is not only instant but also reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring accurate and true-to-form vehicle descriptions for your consumers.

3) Cap HPI/Auto Trader Connect Integration

Conducting thorough due diligence checks on your new inventory may also take a considerable amount of time. If you have a Cap HPI and/or an eligible Auto Trader Connect, our DMS will seamlessly integrate with them to provide a near real-time . Our systems also use VOSA to look up and flag any MOT history. These benefits are two-fold; not only does it save you time not having to manually research all this information, but because it’s pretty much in real-time, it makes sure you’re not in danger undervaluing (and losing profit) or overvaluing (and losing custom) of your stock.

4) Photo Styling Tools

Access to simple photo styling tools can give you a distinct advantage in highlighting special offers or deals, without the need to learn to edit your photos. To really make your photos stand out in a crowd, our built-in features include banner overlays in various designs and fonts. Once set up, your design is saved in your library for quick use during promotions. Furthermore, we offer ‘smart’ images with dynamic text tailored to the vehicle’s finance examples. These images are generated automatically from your finance calculator, leaving you with just one decision – do you click to use or not to use? As mentioned in point 1, once you’re happy with your vehicle images, they’re automatically sent to other platform portals, so you don’t have to recreate your banners. It’s a streamlined and efficient way to maintain consistency in your promotions.

5) Click Media+App*

With our Click Media+App*, a user-friendly smartphone application, gone are the days of desktop confinement just uploading photos and tweaking adverts. No more fussing with wires to connect devices, no need to email photos to yourself, and certainly, no more tedious uploading-downloading, and re-uploading of files. The Click Media+App lets you effortlessly choose photos directly from your mobile library and update your adverts on the go. Not only does it allow you to stay on the forecourt in front of your customers, but it saves you even more precious time.

* Click Media+App is a feature within our Accelerator Pack, which is a bolt-on product that can be added to your Click Dealer package.


Efficiency Unleashed: One Platform to Rule Them All

Car dealers often find themselves juggling multiple platforms and features to keep their vehicle stock in check. You may not realise just how much time is actually spent pulling up different platforms, logging in and out of screens, and redundantly re-entering information due to the lack of communication between programs.

Consolidating everything under one roof eliminates the need for repetitive data entry. This means no re-keying in vehicle details, re-uploading photos or duplicating efforts when entering credit card details. Our integrated system ensures seamless communication between your DMS, website and platform portals – this also includes your finance and warranty portals too. Our DMS is specifically designed to streamline operations, freeing up valuable time for you. The time saved can be redirected towards focusing on what truly matters – selling more cars to more people and doing so more profitably. If this sounds right up your street, then why not take a pit stop and chat with us today?


For more information about ClickDMS, please contact the Clickers via help@clickdealer.co.uk or alternatively, call 01782 478 220!

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