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Why Your Company Website is So Important

First impressions of a homepage are key for any business, especially dealerships, as it sets the standard for the customer experience that is to follow throughout the rest of the website, buying process and aftercare.

There are many key things to consider when designing a successful website such as setting out clear goals for the user and having a clean user interface that is intuitive to navigate with clear, easy-to-understand content.

It’s best practice to have a clear logo and navigation system in place for ease of use and consistent styling throughout your website. You should keep your contact details and promotions clear and avoid putting too much information into the header of your site to avoid confusion.

Guiding your users

Your website should make the buying process (or conversion goal) as clear and simple as possible, guiding the user to the information they want to reach with minimal effort. Customers should be able to easily reserve a vehicle, make a purchase or send through an enquiry.

Overselling through lengthy paragraphs can be boring and unnecessary for users. Keeping things simple and concise has a greater effect, as you aren’t overloading the customers with information that isn’t really relevant to them.

Try and let users know what kind of company they will be buying from, whether it be a family owned business or a larger company with multiple locations.

It is also important to ensure that the important information about what you are selling is easy to see, for instance if you are selling a car, highlight the key features of the vehicle, how many miles it has done and how much the tax is, so that customers can make an informed decision about their purchase.

It is all about making your website easier and more enjoyable to use, so that customers feel more inclined to purchase from you.

Reviews and Social Media

Reviews and feedback are significant factors when it comes to encouraging people to make a purchase. No matter how good a business is at serving their customers, the proof is in the pudding and potential buyers will want assurance that your dealership can be trusted.

Many dealers are embracing review systems such as Click Reputation, which allows you to accumulate all of your reviews from around the web and display them in one place for potential customers. A large set of positive reviews will reinforce your credibility when someone is looking to buy from you.

Social media is big business and it is important to post regularly and appear ‘active’ online to show customers that you care. Some businesses may manage their customer services and engagement well, yet disregard their social presence. Many people look for a company on social media now to find out more about them; reviews play a part here too with Facebook allowing users to rate your business.

Live chat is becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to interact directly with your customers using your website in real time and help to answer any questions they may have.

It is always good to make improvements and stay up to date, so giving your site a revamp every so often will ensure that you are staying ahead of your competition.

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