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Consumers Are Ready For Electric Vehicles But They’re Frustrated And Confused With The Process

UK car sales figures clearly highlight a continuing decline in diesel purchases, this should present itself as a huge opportunity for electric vehicles to make their move on the market but instead, buyers are left confused and frustrated with their online experience.

This suggests it’s the manufacturers themselves who’re slowing electric vehicle uptake and as a result, missing out on sales. It’s clear to see interest surrounding electric vehicles on car brand websites is increasing by up to 60% year on year.

Yet consumers are choosing not to buy electric, and sales account for less than 2% of the UK new car market; but there are a number potential reasons for this.

Electric Vehicles Have Come a Long Way

Electric vehicles have come a huge distance in a short space of time, it’s not uncommon to see fully electric vehicles on our streets, the majority of car parks have dedicated spaces with charging ports too, yet electric vehicles are still promoted as an alternative choice.

With ever increasing range and a vast and expanding network of charging stations, electric vehicles should be judged on a level playing field alongside petrol and diesel in terms of running costs, monthly payments and the practicalities of ownership.

They’re Increasingly Marketed As Performance Cars

A revelation with electric vehicles is the instant torque on offer, it allows for brutal acceleration that leaves exotic supercars in the dust. While this may appeal to some buyers, it’s often used as a headline for the car.

The majority of those looking to electric power are more concerned with the range of a vehicle, or how quickly it charges; EVs are being marketed more as performance vehicles than the everyday cars they should be which may also be putting buyers off.

EV’s Offer Far More Than Just The Novelty Factor

As governments and local authorities continue to force diesel cars off the roads and pure electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla continue to control the headlines, it’s inevitable that consumers will take an interest in the technology.

However, unless they’re provided with the relevant information in the same way they see it for petrol and diesel vehicles, the looming gap between interest and ownership will never decrease.

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