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How Dealers Can Boost Parts Sales to Their Customers!

According to the ACEA, Europe’s import of automotive parts and components is growing and the forecast for the market is looking positive. However, it is a competitive sector and to ensure you succeed in it, there are a few essential things you can do to boost it.

Choose Your Moment

The parts market is dynamic and it is useful to record and understand fluctuations in your sales so that you can push your products at the perfect time.

Automotive events, such as the Goodwood Revival and the Festival of Speed can be extremely popular and they often reignite people’s passion for driving and vehicle modification.

Make sure you know when these events are happening so that you can capitalise on surges in demand for specific parts and models. Plan ahead and promote parts in the run-up to these events, so that consumers know to come straight to you.

Part Sales Boost

Know Your Market

To effectively market and sell your product, understanding the consumer and their interests is vital. Data compiled by the NPD group shows that on the whole, more money is spent on the maintenance of older cars, and it is younger drivers who tend to have more vehicle services conducted.

While speed festivals are likely to attract petrol heads and sportscar fans, admirers of classic and vintage cars are more likely to be inspired by the Goodwood Revival.

It is important to keep your target market in mind when you choose which brands, models and genres to promote and how to advertise them.

Embrace E-Tail

With unlimited space to show off your stock, in addition to the sheer number of consumers you can reach, the digital world presents an excellent opportunity for your business.

Having a high-quality website to display the parts and components that you offer is a massive convenience to the customer and is likely to increase your aftermarket sales dramatically.

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