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Dealers Must Be Savvier in Light of cap hpi Survey Findings

According to a new survey by cap hpi, experts in automotive data, more than one in 10 dealers use over 11 digital systems every single day!

The insightful study also shows that 93 per cent of those surveyed spend more than two hours a day using technology in the dealership.

Commenting on the findings, Gerry Moxham, Managing Director at Click Dealer, said: “There is simply no need to keep buying more digital tools, the way forward has to be about buying connected tools that are built for used car sales and which automate many of the processes that can help drive the bottom-line.”

Today, dealers do not realistically need to purchase 11 separate systems to get their day to day administration done, there are platforms on the market which offer a ‘one stop shop’ for dealers to get everything done within an all-encompassing, end to end solution.

From invoicing and finance reports to stock posting and social media updates, there are systems available to save dealers time and money by doing everything under one umbrella, rather than juggling multiple platforms and having to be trained and well versed in all of them.

Technology is clearly playing a bigger part in the day to day running of dealerships but using it smartly can ultimately be the answer to unlocking greater time savings and larger pre-tax profits and the trends uncovered in this new survey should give dealers food for thought.

Moxham continued: “The one thing dealers struggle more than anything with is time. If they have one end to end solution to deal with all their day to day administration jobs then we have found that they can save themselves at least four days a month!

“The tools to compete and prosper by adopting this approach are accessible, affordable and easy to use for every dealer no matter what their size. In our case, we’ve made them very dealer friendly because we designed them with our customers.”

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