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Why You Should Design Your Dealership Website for Mobile First…

Nowadays, there is a plethora of smart devices on which your website can be viewed, so for internet users to have the best experience, your site must be able to adapt so that it looks good and it is easy to use no matter what size the device it is being accessed on is.

For your website to be compliant with all devices, you can either design it initially for desktops, and then adapt the layout and features for smaller devices, which is known as graceful degradation, or you can design your site for mobiles and adapt it for larger devices, which is known as progressive enhancement.

Our team of web developers at Click Dealer create our dealers’ websites using progressive enhancement, or mobile first design, which means that they start by creating the layout of the site so that it is suitable for smartphones, and then work up, expanding the design for desktops.

Building from the Smallest Device Up

According to Click Dealer’s Google Analytics data, our dealers’ websites are accessed more by smartphones than any other device, so it makes sense to design them initially for mobiles. Aside from this, there are two main benefits of mobile first design which make it the best approach: it improves the design process and it is better for website users.

Better Design

Mobile first design will make your website more content-centred. Having such a small screen to work with forces you to prioritise the most important features of your website, for example, the name of your dealership, your make and model search function and a way of getting in touch.

It is far easier to choose the key parts of your website and then add extra features as you expand the design rather than trying to condense things, because you may struggle to decide which parts to reorder or remove.

Furthermore, not everything that can appear on desktops can be recreated for mobile screens, but anything that appears on mobiles can be recreated for desktop screens, so if you start small, you won’t encounter mobile feature constraints at a later stage. Also, if you optimise data for the smallest devices, it will be automatically optimised for larger ones, and your load times will be fast across all devices. Improved User Experience

When websites are content-centred, it is easier for users to find what they are looking for. Even as you expand the site, the content that you deemed most important will feature prominently.

If your data is optimised and your load speeds are quick, users will not get frustrated using it and this will also help you avoid being penalised by search engines.

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