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The Digital Transformation of Automotive Retail is Here – Don’t Let Your Dealership Get Left Behind!

Earlier this month, online review community Trustpilot announced the results of a YouGov survey of drivers’ attitudes to car purchases. The opinions of 1,500 British drivers were recorded and the findings revealed that 36 per cent of Millennials (those aged between 18 and 35) would consider buying a car online using a digital method, in comparison to 25 per cent overall.

In light of this data, Trustpilot’s Partner Director, Neil Bayton, commented: “The winners in the industry will be those that embrace change and transformation.”

But what exactly does this mean?

Well, there are a number of ways in which to digitally transform your dealership.

Digital Consumer Research


According to the survey, online reviews are one of the most influential sources of information for car buyers. Consumers will feel more confident about making a purchase with you if they see that unbiased others have had a positive experience, so it is a good idea to have a review system in place.

“For those seeking to appeal to Millennials, the message is clear – build a compelling digital experience that provides access to the buying and service experiences of others.” – Neil Bayton


When consumers are conducting research, it is important that they actually find your dealership! Search engine optimisation can improve your ranking in search results.

Social Media

Social media has developed rapidly to become a huge phenomenon, and it is a big part of life for Millennials. It is a fantastic way for businesses to reach younger motor enthusiasts.

Brand Awareness

Having social media business accounts is a free way to raise awareness of your dealership. Ask customers to like and follow your pages. This not only means that they will see your posts, which may encourage them to return to your dealership, but it will also make your dealership visible to their own friends and followers.

Social Media Digital Brand Awareness


Having these accounts does not, however, automatically bring more business. Don’t just exist on social media, be proactive! Develop a strategy outlining how many posts you will publish per day and stick to it. Try to create content that gets people talking, and respond when they do comment.


With so many people using the internet on a daily basis, it may be time to consider moving away from newspaper and radio advertising and towards digital advertising.


Pay-per-click advertising allows you to bid for online ad placement and buy visits to your site. The best place to start with a PPC campaign is Google AdWords, which is made up of two networks:  the Google Search Network (GSN), where adverts appear on search results pages, and the Google Display Network (GDN), where adverts appear on blog sites, news sites and YouTube.

Social Media

I have already mentioned the importance of having a social media account, but why not take it a step further by advertising on these sites? Paid social allows you to target certain groups and bring high-quality traffic to your website.


It is one thing gaining leads through advertising, but if users do not have a good experience on your website, they are likely to leave.

Vehicle Media

If you have limited information about your stock on your website, visitors may be unsure of what to expect and whether or not they can trust you, which may deter them from buying from your dealership. To avoid this, include thorough, accurate descriptions and upload as many images and videos of your stock as possible.

Ease of use

Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, responsive and that applications and transactions are as hassle-free as possible. You may even want to consider digital solutions which are made to simplify the entire purchase process.

By giving any of the suggestions mentioned above a go, you will be taking the first step in your dealership’s digital transformation.

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