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Don’t Let Google’s Spiders Crawl the Net Without Getting Caught in Your Web…Site!

To get noticed by a search engine, you need to think like a search engine. When Google’s bots, or spiders, crawl through web pages, there are certain things that they look for to help determine a web page’s rank on search results pages. We advise that you consider the following aspects of your dealership’s website from a spider’s point of view.


Every web page that your site has will have a title, otherwise known as a meta tag and this is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Google likes to see a couple of things in a title:

  • Keywords – Your meta tags should incorporate a keyword which relates to the content on your web page and is likely to appear in search queries, although Google does not want to see keyword stuffing – this is a thing of the past. Try to limit these to one or two and instead focus on creating a title that is relevant and sounds good.
  • Originality – Another thing that Google will reward you for is having a title that is unique. Try to make every page title on your site different.

After looking at your title, Google’s spiders will move on to your description. You should note that the meta description is more important for humans than it is for search engines, and although Google will look at it, it will not have a major impact on the ranking of the web page.


Google’s bots do not see images on websites as we do, which makes alt tags crucial. An alt tag is a very succinct description of an image which appears in the HTML code that the bots will crawl through. You should make sure that these tags are useful in describing the picture shown and that they include keywords.


Content is a massive ranking determinant for search engines and unlike meta tags, web page content imposes no word limits, in fact, the more content, the better! You should ensure that your content is…

  • High-quality – Well-written content goes down well with search engines.
  • Relevant – Although keyword spam is frowned upon, you need to have a substantial amount of words and phrases that people are likely to search for if they are looking for the products or services that you offer. This should come naturally if you are writing content relevant to your business.
  • Fresh – Publishing new content will also catch the attention of Google’s spiders, which is why having a blog is so good for your SEO.

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