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DVLA launches new look log book

Dealers selling a car or van from this month will have a new V5C form to help the new owner fill in after the DVLA introduced a raft of changes.

The new look log book is designed to be easier to complete whenever a vehicle changes hands and will also help the transition to digital. Previous versions in circulation will still be valid.

Externally, the main changes are that the document reference number and the name and address on the front page have moved to the top and the date of acquisition has been moved to below the document reference number so it is easier to locate.

Inside, dealers and new owners will find that the vehicle details have been rearranged to the top half of the page so there is more room to add extra fields as and when required. The Change of keeper and Change of name or address have been separated to reduce confusion and new owners can now supply contact details.

Reduces confusion

In Section 5 (Permanently exporting this vehicle for more than 12 months), the country of the export field has been added to let users provide the additional information. In Section 6 (new keeper’s slip), the name and address fields have been removed to stop the customer incorrectly returning it to the DVLA. It also helps ensure they keep the section which allows them to tax the vehicles.

There are data capture boxes throughout the new document introduced for accuracy and simplification and signature boxes have been removed and replaced with declarations in red. The document reference number has been added to each section which makes it easier to use and easy for the DVLA to move to online services.

V5CW is now serialised across the three pages that are V5C issuing sections (at the top) and the V5C is serialised on the front cover and back page that are document issuing (at the top).

The document has the Welsh version on one side and English on the other and the perforations have been changed on the last page so the only separated section is now the New Keeper slip (green slip).

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