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How to Manage Your Time Effectively to Improve the Customer’s Experience

Customers are not necessarily just looking for a fast transaction process, but an all-round good experience from the showroom to the finance department. It is this experience that will determine whether people will come back for more or be dissuaded from the dealership forever, so it is crucial that your customer service is the best it can possibly be.
This article discusses some common mistakes and ways to improve the transaction process for customers!

When they walk through the door, the sales team are responsible for working with the customer to understand and meet their needs. Once the customer has agreed to buy, the paperwork is prepared, and the deal is transferred to the finance department. This is the stage at which the customer experience can often go downhill.

Effective Time Utilisation

Long waiting times can be incredibly frustrating for the customer and prevent your company from being able to sell them additional finance products. Too often, the customer is left to just sit and wait, sometimes for hours. This is not only a waste of their time, but a wasted opportunity for your business.

If the wait time is expected to be lengthy, sales professionals could be utilising this time to tell the customer about additional services and finance products offered by the business, making recommendations tailored to each individual customer based on their opinions and requirements.

Problematic Prioritising

Typically, the finance deal is considered a priority over the cash deal, due to the additional money there is to be made from them. However, if those choosing to pay by cash are left waiting for a substantial amount of time, they become unhappy and begin to question whether or not they even want to go through with the purchase, which could result in the company losing out on a lot more money altogether.

Instead, it is ideal to take customers to the business office as close to moment that they decide to commit to the deal as possible, when they are most excited about it. This is likely to reduce the chances of them reconsidering a deal and increase the possibility of them accepting a warranty or protection package.

Monitoring Transactions

By recording transaction times, you can be aware of areas where your team needs to improve. From this data, a system can be devised and implemented to ensure that each customer receives the same positive experience from sales to finance.

Having this system in place and making sure it is adopted by the whole team should reduce waiting times and increase efficiency dramatically, creating more opportunity for future sales.

Holding the finance department and the sales team equally accountable for providing an excellent standard of service, will optimise the customer experience, leading to increased sales.

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