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How Empowering Your Team Can Improve Customer Experience in Your Dealership

While for many people, buying a new car is an exciting prospect, others find the process daunting. Vehicle dealers can help to change this by empowering staff and improving the overall customer experience.

There are certain pain points along the consumer journey which are widely disliked, such as administration and negotiation of price and trade-in value. Dealers can sometimes be afraid to relinquish responsibility for smoothing out these areas and pass authority to their sales team.

Investing a bit of time and resources to ensure that your salespeople are given comprehensive training will have a long-term pay-off. Creating a well-rounded salesforce who can deal with finance queries, part-exchange valuations and payment will mean that you can rely on others to take care of your business without you needing to be present all of the time and result in higher conversion rates.

People Like Dealing with People

Businesses which put rigid processes for dealing with digital leads, phone calls and walk-ins can often forget that there is a human at the other end. Customers can become overwhelmed and frustrated by a heavily process-driven experience, preferring to be welcomed by a friendly, human tone.

Particularly with digital leads, when salespeople are facing a computer, it is easy to follow a script, but all customers should be dealt with as if they are sitting across from you. You wouldn’t leave a prospect customer standing around waiting for an hour or more if they were actually in your dealership and this shouldn’t be the case online.

Managing Enquiries Out of Hours

Another reason why giving your entire salesforce the training and authority to be able to handle every stage of an enquiry and access management systems is that you can have someone skilled on-call after hours who is able to convert a sale.

A large portion of digital enquiries are now being made outside of dealerships’ traditional opening hours, so an extended service is becoming increasingly necessary. This simply requires turning on phone notifications and offering responses as they come through and if your whole team is empowered, the work load can be shared.

Empower Your Staff

Imparting knowledge and authority is not about handing over responsibility, it is about sharing it. When every member of your team can deal with each stage of the consumer journey, customers will not have to be passed from pillar to post, fewer mistakes tend to be made, and rates of conversion are higher.

Your customers will have a better experience – which, in turn, leads to better retention, your staff will have the opportunity to progress, and your dealership will be more profitable, everyone wins!

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