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Revhead Ramblings: 4 Future Classics on Our Roads Right Now

We’ve all seen the stupid prices people are paying for classic cars. One hundred thousand pounds for a Mitsubishi Evo? No thanks. It seems that if you want a piece of motoring history or an iconic car from your childhood, you’ll have to pay through the nose to get it.

The best way to enjoy classic cars then, is to get them before they become a classic! Don’t wait to buy your dream car, do it now and savour every second with it.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Alfa should have a place in every petrol head’s heart. Their cars are works of art, unfortunately too many have been let down by lacklustre hardware. The Giulia is no exception, it’s had its share of roadside mishaps but it’s still the car you should have if you’re looking for a fast saloon.

Obviously, the people who don’t understand Alfa will look to the Germans instead, this means a limited run will be produced, so even with the Alfa-ness of the car, it will still prove popular with future collectors.

Ford Fiesta ST

We all know how popular Fast Fords are, from the Escort Cosworth to the Focus RS500; they’re all expected to fetch crazy money when they come to auction. The sporty supermini however, hasn’t been hit by rising prices just yet thankfully.

The ST can be purchased for anywhere around ten thousand pounds now, you might not be buying the best interior or the fastest car, but the driving experience is matched or exceeded by very, very few cars.


The i8 was the first production hybrid supercar. BMW did an excellent job of introducing hybrid power to the supercar loving world. Blisteringly fast acceleration and a decent range proved to the naysayers that electric power is a viable option for performance cars. It’s unapologetically ambitious while being grounded and sensible, it’s the benchmark for all hybrid supercars.

McLaren P1

Production of the P1 ended in 2015, yet it is still about twenty years ahead of pretty much all other hypercars, with a few notable exceptions. It is essentially obligatory to mention the Porsche 918 and the LaFerrari whenever discussing the P1, since they all combine similar technology and innovation with comparable results.

Just 375 P1s were made, it’s a shame that they’re now undoubtedly locked up in a temperature controlled garage with just delivery miles on them…

I dread to think how many cars right now are locked up as investment pieces. Everything from supercars to hatchbacks, sat waiting for their internals to seize and their tyres to rot. If you’re one of these collectors, throw motoring sentimentalism away, forget about your profits and let true fans enjoy these cars; invest your money in art instead…

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