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How Video Can Turn Your Dealership into the Go-to Automotive Experts

Videos can be used in many ways at used car and van dealerships, from personalised clips to reply to enquiries to general maintenance tips; they’re engaging and can boost your Google rankings!
Videos Don’t Just Have to Be Reactive

It’s great to reply to an enquiry with a walkaround film of the vehicle in question while describing its features and factory fitted extras, but video can play a much bigger role in your day to day job. Research suggests that around 40% of vehicle owners search how to repair their vehicles themselves online before making a visit to a dealer.

By supplying relevant and accurate content on some of these issues, the owners may look to you in the future if the problem becomes unmanageable or they have an issue they’re unable to tackle themselves.

Find Out What People Want

There’s no point putting hours into producing a video if you’re going to receive minimal views. Instead, you can take a look at other dealers to see what they’re producing and create similar content, or you can use Google Analytics to see what users are searching to get to your site and produce videos based on these topics.

Avoid Overselling

If someone has found their way to your video, chances are they know what you’re selling. If you’re creating a vehicle health check video for a customer, your primary focus should be on providing as much detail as possible rather than selling a winter health check or an aftermarket exhaust!

That’s not to say you shouldn’t drop in your contact details, but if you’re not directly addressing the video’s aim and instead talking about services you can offer, then you risk turning your helpful video into an advert.

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