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How Increasing Your Video Content Can Help Drive Enquiries

It’s common knowledge that consumers are spending a vast amount of their time and money online. It’s more convenient, flexible, and takes less time out of their day. So in a time when they can customise, order, and pay for a vehicle online, video could be your key to standing out from the crowd.

Video can be both a selling point, but also if done poorly work to the opposite effect. The same way dealerships are made to look shiny, and sales staff suited and booted, video is your chance to leave a lasting and positive first impression. Everyone does research before committing to a purchase as substantial as buying a car, so you need to make sure that when they stop to look at a car on your website or portal adverts, it makes it onto their shortlist.

Invest In Quality

There’s no point doing this half-heartedly. It would be like washing a car before a test drive but not giving it a clean on the inside. Invest your money in a good DSLR, Tripod, Microphone, Editing Software and Videographer. If you already have someone in your team with a passion for video, ask them to create a few examples and maybe they can take this on as an extra project. But don’t underestimate how time-consuming this can be to do well.

You may prefer to trial just how effective good video content can be by hiring a freelance videographer. They’ll even have their own equipment and be an expert in using their own specific kit.

For The Benefit Of The Customer

High quality, professional looking videos are going to show any potential customers that you operate to a high standard, and at the end of the day, the video is for them. You could put up a hundred photos, but a customer isn’t going to click through every one of them. A video, they can appreciate. It only needs to be thirty seconds to a minute long and feature exterior and interior shots.

It always helps if you have someone talking to the camera or doing a voiceover – and remember to add subtitles if you’re sharing the video on social media. Help your potential customers gain as much knowledge as possible and at the same time be friendly and welcoming. If you can manage to put a smile on their face or engage their interest for the full video, it’s very likely this will turn into an enquiry.

Chris Killen, of Georgesons Car Sales, has got the right frame of mind:

“Video adverts are playing a major part in engaging today’s car buyers and it’s why we have made such a big investment in them. It’s important we serve the needs of modern car buyers and ensure they can find out all they need to about the car they are interested in buying.”

The Video Effect

Analysis of user behaviour during trials of the video adverts on Auto Trader revealed that user sessions containing video lasted 13% longer than those without. There is also a positive effect on sales with on average, the sale rate of vehicles with video, 10% higher than adverts without.

Nick King, Auto Trader Insight Director said:

“It’s clear potential customers value seeing video of a car they are interested in buying and are much more engaged in their online research. During extensive testing 57% of all videos viewed on site were rated very or extremely useful by consumers. It’s another vital way retailers can deliver transparency with car buyers that builds trust and provides the reassurance and confidence that a customer can do a deal with them.”

There you have it. Dedicate some time and money to increase your company’s video library and you’ll see results. Come up with a familiar style and theme, find a way to be memorable and don’t settle for anything low quality. Shaking handheld footage, crackling and windy audio, or poor vehicle preparation will have a negative effect on your enquiries, so make sure you commit to video fully. Research thoroughly and splash out on everything you need. Make sure to utilise Social Media channels to share your videos too. Even if they aren’t seen by direct leads, the quality of your content will cause your engagement levels to go up, and gradually grow your digital following and reach.

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