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Is a Sales Process Still Necessary For Dealers?

Sales and process are two words that can plant overwhelming fear into the heads of those responsible for customer experience in the automotive retail industry.

For some, the expression can bring back memories of the rigorous process which took place in the 80’s in which no person who walked into the branch went by without being introduced to the manager and a variety of strong techniques were used to intimidate customers into signing for a new car.

Since then, a range of techniques have been tried and tested by dealers in an attempt to change the process of taking a customer from a visit to a purchase.

Sales Processes

Formerly, sales processes would include 7-10 stages such as: qualification, demo, part-ex assessment and offer. It has been questioned whether each of these are still needed or more relevantly- if the customer and dealership would still find them enticing.

Forgetting one of these important steps could lead to your company not being compliant with legislation, which has been formed to protect customers, or even worse, discovering you have sold a vehicle or product which is deemed unsuitable to the customer’s needs.

Some customers choose the order in which the sale is carried out and completed which can cause confusion due to lack of control for sales staff. However, this then brings the question of whether it’s a bad thing to have a structure for the customer, or if it’s purely the delivery quality.

It also prompts a bucket full of questions; is the business’ method when dealing with customer queries orientated around selling the product or taking a genuine interest in their wants and needs? Should staff be trained to listen to these wants and needs or should they be trained to know what to say and when to say it?

Subtle changes that could help massively towards making the customer feel involved are things such as asking what conclusions about their car situation they have already come to. After all, the customer will have already spent hours researching before coming into your dealership.

Defined Processes

Individually defined objectives identified through a sales process plan in regards to listening and understanding what the customers are saying are vital for good customer service. Dealers must ensure when rewriting their own processes that language and behaviours are very much a priority.

Rather than using traditional methods with consumers, teach your sales team the modern requirement to consider the customer’s choices. Noticing your customer’s conclusions as mentioned before involves them in the process and develops trust which benefits both parties.

With your own product knowledge, you may be able to make considerations and put forward suggestions for alternatives. Although this may not generate a sale, they will appreciate the advice and it is likely to spur future referrals.

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