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Is your dealership taking advantage of the full market by offering a parts service? If you’re looking to make a change and get into the parts market, or already sell parts but are struggling to compete with more specialised service centred dealerships then follow these tips to get things flowing smoothly.
The Part With The Strategy

You need to draw up your blueprints for your operating strategy. This will help with the allocation of parts in order to support infrastructure and efficiency. With a process in place, you’ll be able to better manage allocation and use of parts at minimum time and cost. All your staff need to be briefed and trained on how to follow the process and this will reduce the risk of any wasted resources.

The Part About Quality Control

Only source parts from reliable suppliers. It’s also worth double-checking if the part is compatible with the manufacturer model before any work is done. If you have any parts in stock for a long period of time, inspect them thoroughly before selling them. If they have developed signs of rust or imperfections, then you shouldn’t be using the part without making the customer aware. This could reduce the lifetime of the part and lead them to another costly repair.

The Part Where You Advertise

Using a site like eBay to list your stock, with plenty of links to your eBay page on your website can help increase the visibility of your parts offering. If you use social media, shout about it on there as well. If your customer has bought a vehicle from you and remains satisfied, they’re likely to trust you as a parts provider as well. It’s rare but sometimes rival dealers and service centres might also buy parts from you if you have it in stock and they need it for a quick turnaround on a job. Sometimes scratching someone else’s back can come in handy if you need something yourself in future.

The Part Where You Supply For Demand

You shouldn’t ever have parts in stock that sit on a shelf for months. Have some commonly used parts in your stock room, but if you notice anything isn’t selling, stop ordering it in until its stock has depleted and then review the demand for it. The parts you should become most familiar with are low-value parts that move reasonably fast.

The Part Where You Go An Extra Mile

Not everyone needs a mechanic to fit a part. They just want the part delivered to fit it themselves. Offering a delivery service is always a good way to retain customers thinking in this way. You can charge them extra for delivery as well and set a maximum radius that you operate delivery in.

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