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Do You Know Where Your Dealership’s Leads are Coming From?

Have you ever wondered whether all the time and money you dedicate to generating leads for your car dealership is actually paying off?

You may be investing in SEO, advertising, social media marketing and various other tactics to bring in leads, which is great, but to be sure that it is worth the cost and effort you need to know where your leads are coming from.

Where do Your Leads Come From?

For most car dealers, your leads may come from a number of the following sources:

  • Leads funnelSearch Network
  • Website
  • Ad portals
  • Social Media
  • Referrals
  • Walk Ins
  • Phone Calls
  • Website Live Chat
  • Online Retailing Platform

With so many potential lead sources, you may find it difficult to stay on top of where each enquiry has come from and it is not always easy to identify a lead’s origin.

Why is Lead Source Tracking Important?

Your dealership may use multiple advertising portals, but they may not all bring success. If you have a clear, regular breakdown of how many leads your dealership is getting from each source, you may find that you are not getting enough enquiries from one provider for the amount you are paying.

On the other hand, you may find that you have had a boost in website leads since you have initiated a PPC campaign and you may decide it would be beneficial to invest more in this form of advertising.

Different forms of lead generation will work for different dealerships, and this will change constantly, so the only way to figure out what is currently working for your dealership so that you know how to best allocate your budget, is to track leads.

Tracking Leads with Click DMS

With Click DMS you will be able to record your enquiries in one place and whenever you would like to review them, you can bring up a list at the click of a button. Our system shows you how many leads you have had in total and where each lead has come from.

Click Dealer’s DMS doesn’t just help you see where your leads are coming from, but also how valuable each source is. You can see how many leads have converted into sales, how much the customer spent and your sales margins.

If you want more detail, you can click into each source and see the customer’s details, the date of enquiry, vehicle details and the customer’s enquiry history.

Tracking SEO and PPC Leads

Analytics - All Traffic - ChannelsSEO and PPC leads are slightly harder to track, because they will come through your website, along with other traffic. At Click Dealer, we are transparent and give our dealers who have websites with us access to analytics tools. Google Analytics will give you all the data you need to separate your search engine marketing leads.

If you log into your Analytics account, click ‘Acquisition’, then ‘All Traffic’ and ‘Channels’ in the sidebar, you will see a list, showing you where your web traffic is coming from. Here are the main channels:

  • Organic Search – users clicking unpaid search engine results (SEO)
  • Paid Search – users clicking paid search engine results (PPC advertising)
  • Display – users clicking display adverts
  • Direct – users entering your website URL directly into the address bar
  • Referral – users clicking a link on another site which directs them to your site
  • Social – users clicking on a social media link which directs them to your site
  • Email – users clicking a link in an email

Google Analytics will show you how many users and website visits you have gained from each channel within a certain time period, also showing what percentage of your total users and visits this represents. You can also set up goals to measure conversions with Google Analytics.

If our in-house SEM team manages your SEO and PPC, we will do this for you and provide a monthly report including leads gained via these marketing methods.

To find out more about how Click Dealer can help you with Lead Source Tracking, get in touch via marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or 01782 454354. Alternatively, you can send us a message through our contact page. 


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