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Why Lead Management is Key for Dealerships

Many dealerships today are heavily focused on acquiring leads, but don’t have a process in place to deal with them once they’ve gained them, leaving them to fall into the hands of competitors. 

Having an effective lead management system can help you offer your customers better service and prevent sales leads being lost. It can also give you easy access to valuable data, so that you can find out which advertising channels are working well and how your sales staff are performing. 

Better Customer Service 

A lead management system should make it much easier for you to see enquiries coming through to your dealership, as they will all be in one place. In this virtual location, you should be able to see what time enquiries come in and if they have been responded to.  

This makes checking and responding to enquiries easier and more efficient, helping you deliver the fast responses that customers have come to expect. With Click Leads, you will receive notifications as enquiries come through, saving you from having to check constantly. The system will also send automatic responses to customers to let them know that their enquiry has been received. 

Less Missed Sales Opportunities 

Failing to respond to enquiries before a customer starts looking elsewhere is a common issue for dealerships, so having this system in place to see exactly what is happening with them helps to ensure that opportunities don’t get missed. This means that more leads will be converted and ultimately, you will sell more cars! 

Storage of Valuable Data 

When leads are pulled from your inbox, website and advertising portals and stored in one location, you can easily draw comparisons and see how many leads are coming from each source. This can help you make informed decisions about how to allocate your budget. 

Visibility of Sales Team Performance 

A lead management system should also let you see which member of your sales team is managing each lead, which gives you a good overview of the individual performance of your staff. From this, you can set personal targets to encourage team members to push themselves. Click Leads allows you to set and track KPIs all within the application to make things even easier. 

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