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Meet The Clickers – Amelia Meakin

In the latest meet the clicker we chat to Amelia from the training team.

Hey Amelia, what is your role at Click Dealer?

I am a product trainer in the Training team, I predominantly train dealers on our different products including StockWeb and our DMS. I do a lot of admin work too, love doing both sides of the role.

I hear you are going to be doing some webinars in the future too?

Yes, hopefully be doing live webinars with some dealers soon! They could be eventful but a lot of fun!

How did you end up in the training role?

I have done all kinds of roles within the motoring industry from admin to car sales. I got put forward for a customer care role but Megan stole me for the training team and I love it. We are all very close as a team, I never want to leave!

What is your role like day to day?

Everyday is different, every training session is different. There are so many different projects and tasks going on every day varies.

I have been told by a little bird you have a few fascinating facts about yourself?

Haha, yeah! Well firstly I am one of 16 – I have a big family – I am in the middle.

I am a black belt in karate and been to Japan to fight.

I am covered in tattoos – I am addicted – I have booked out every Saturday this year for tattoos!

I have been paralysed 8 times if that counts?

It does! I want to know more about that but first tell me about the karate, I love martial arts?!

I did karate for 10 years, and fought in Japan when I was 12 in a tournament. I quit when I got my black belt, I could have gone further but I quit after getting one – people don’t expect me to be hard as rock! I do regret not going further sometimes.

Wow! So, the paralysis. 8 times is a lot!?

I have a rare spinal disease that most people don’t get until middle age along with a neurological condition. At one point I spent a year in the hospital paralysed from the waist down and had to learn to walk again.

People see me and think I’m healthy but then the next day I can be in a wheelchair – people forget that disabilities aren’t always visible.

*at this point Arnold interrupts*

This is Arnold, my pug. He’s named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. I spend a lot of time with him.

Last question, what is your favourite thing about Click?

That it is such a caring company. They actually care, and the support they give and offer is lovely. Everyone at Click is so nice. I love it here.



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