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Meet The Clickers – Caitlin Foxall

What got you into Digital Marketing?

All through school marketing stood out to me, I studied business in school and it just always appealed. When I saw an apprenticeship at Click Dealer, I’d never heard of Digital Marketing, but the role sounded really up my street. I progressed from an apprenticeship to a DM Executive – the progression through and the opportunities Click offer are amazing.

So, having come from an apprenticeship, would your advice be to someone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship at Click?

Just do it. You won’t regret it. You are working with great people, they become more than just colleagues, they become friends out of work too.

What is it about marketing that appeals to you?

I don’t know, it’s fascinating, like attracting a customer but not hard selling it. Like an ad pops up when they aren’t looking for it…I just find it interesting how it works and I love seeing the results that come from the things we do.

I have heard you are a wizard when it comes to social media too.

I love Facebook, social media is my favourite side of Digital Marketing. The key is identifying the right target audience, once that’s nailed the results are amazing. With our Digital Marketing packages, we have seen dealers get amazing results within a day.

In your free time, what do you love to do?

Just spending time with family and friends really and love travelling and going to raves with them.

Where’s the best place you have travelled to?

Ibiza, I went there for my 18th and my first girls’ holiday. Loved it. I love how there is something for everyone all over the island, places to just chill as well as the best DJ’s.

Is there anywhere you would love to travel to?

I would love to go to America, but I am up for anywhere. Would love to see the Caribbean and tropical places too.

What is your ideal evening?

Just chilling, a bit of telly or music. Love a bit of The Only Way is Essex and Real House Wives of Cheshire.

Finally, what are your favourite things about Click? And don’t say “the people” that’s everyone’s answer!

The people!

Ok then, the opportunities. Click make opportunities happen, if you want to progress they will find a way for you to do that. I also love everything we do together as a team, team nights out, bowling, escape rooms, it is all amazing.


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