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Meet The Clickers – Cheryl Ellis

In this months Meet the Clickers we talk to Cheryl from Customer Care.

Hi Cheryl, tell us what do you do at Click?

I am a customer service executive, I answer the phone, help dealers with the DMS and general queries.

When the phone rings, do you know what to expect or is it always a surprise?

It’s always different, I speak to a lot of dealers and to major feed providers, the day goes so quick because I speak to so many people. It’s always different and interesting. It can be anything we get on the calls from dealer problems, DMS queries, setting up the app, there is always something new to deal with. And I am OCD when it comes to calls.

Tell me more!?

I am OCD about being top of the call list, if I am not top of the list for taking calls I get major anxiety. It’s annoying and horrible…but I love it.

What got you into loving customer care?

I worked my previous customer facing job for two years working most weekends, my daughter, Chloe, who also works at Click told me about this position and I knew what a lovely company it was, I love talking to people so it was perfect for me.

So we know you’re competitive at work…are you the same outside of work?

No not really! I go out a lot with my daughter and the girls from Click but that’s all I really do, nothing very competitive! We’re all really good friends.

Now you have weekend free what do you like to do?

I clean a lot! Love to read. My cats are my world, I am with them a lot. The cats are called Shandy and Cocoa, one lives upstairs and the other down because they don’t get along. I wish I could have more cats, love them.

What books do you like to read?

The one author I love reading is Graham Masterton, his new book is already ordered. I have read all his stuff, love it.

I love anything horror, demons, anything frightening.

Does that mean you like horror movies too?

Love them! New ones are nothing like they used to be but love all the old horror stuff. Nightmare on Elm Street has to be my favourite, the first one. I love watching The Walking Dead too, I could watch it continuously, the horror side got me into it!

I love Marvel films too; I could watch them over and over again. I love Iron Man, I love Robert Downey Jr, I think he’s a great actor.

Tell us something random about yourself?

My OCD! Random one though…I have an addiction to Fab ice lollies. I can eat 25 in two or three days. I have a very sweet tooth!

I go a local slimming group and every Saturday after weigh in I go and buy two big bars of chocolate and crisps and scoff as much as I can. Don’t tell my consultant I said that haha!

Tell us more about that OCD

As soon as the grass is a certain length I have to mow it! Not got a ruler…yet. But it only has to grow a bit and I have to go out there and mow it!

Plugs too, I have to make sure they are off! Chloe makes it worse, we’ll get in the car and she’ll say “did I turn my straighteners off”, so I have to go and check!

Final question, what’s your favourite thing about Click?

It’s just the best place I have ever worked for. There is no better company. I love the girls I work with and everyone I have spoke too are lovely. It’s just the best.




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