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Meet The Clickers – Danni Davies

In this months Meet the Clickers we talk to Danni from Customer Care.

What do you do at Click?

I am the customer care team leader. I am responsible for my team of 11 hitting their KPI’s and SLA’s.

My team deal with all the general queries dealers may have. That could be email queries, a website issue, or sometimes even completely unexpected general IT issues. I mean, we’re not IT support but I suppose it is good that the dealers trust us so much that they know they can just call us and we will help if we can.

I have also taken on the retentions so I am looking forward to doing some work around that in the coming months.

I am also now the co-owner of the tuck shop with Chelsea, love going to stock up the treats. Only trouble is holding up the tills when I am paying in change!

It sounds like you like keeping busy!

Definitely, I like being busy

What was it that got you started in customer care?

Well not many people know this but I was a library assistant for 11 years and Kate put me forward for a receptionist role at Click, from there I learnt everything about customer care and it progressed from there. I became the 2nd person working in customer care here at Click.

So I have always worked customer facing, I love it, I like helping people.

You have to be quite social for that kind of thing!

Yes, but I am not actually the most sociable person out of work!

Having worked in a library then…are you a bookworm?

Not at all. At the time my Mum was a manager of a mobile library. People always asked what book I would recommend and I would say “I don’t have time to read much but my Nan liked this one…”

Ok, so we know you aren’t a bookworm! What do you like doing in your free time?

So, I spend a lot of time working on my house. Decorating, chopping wood for my log burner. This is my first house so I am loving being able to do what I want to it and I like having a go at anything and things I can’t do, Dad gets called in! I’d love to be able to use a drill but I don’t trust myself.

I have a puppy too, a Labradoodle called Nelson, he takes up a lot of my time, he is quite needy! I have to hand feed him his food sometimes and have to walk him a couple of times a day. He has a lot of energy so I play with him in the garden a lot.

So many of the clickers have got dogs, we should start a Click dog walking group

We should! There would be loads of us!

You said you aren’t the most social, are you more of a stay at home and watch a movie kind of girl?

I do like going out with friends and family but no one seems to go out at the moment since Covid.

I am not much of a film watcher, I did task myself to watch all the Marvel films during lockdown. I got to the second Guardians of the Galaxy and fell asleep so I gave up. I did like Captain America and Iron Man though.

So, if you aren’t a movie girl, are you more a TV series girl?

Definitely, I recently watched Top Boy, Bridgerton…didn’t reckon much to the second series of Bridgerton though.

Because I am doing things around the house I listen to music more than watch TV.

What music are you into?

Quite varied really, my top 5 played last year were John Meyer (I used to put him on a lot for the dog), Arctic Monkeys, Beyoncé, Fleetwood Mac and Calvin Harris.

If you went through my liked songs it is very random.

I am good at guessing intros to songs in 2 seconds too.

What is your favourite thing about Click?

The people. Not just the clickers, everyone. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Gerry, Ollie and Pip treat us like we are their own.

The whole clicker environment is amazing.



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