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Meet The Clickers – Kate Pemberton

Recently we had a chat with Kate to find out more about what she does at Click and what she likes to do in her free time. And of course met Barry too…

So Kate, tell us what you do at Click

I am head of client services, so I look after three teams anything client facing, so customer care, web change and web onboarding.

Web onboarding are an operation process based team and do cross over with commercial but I love a process which is why they are on my watch, I am obsessed with workflows and having efficiency.

Customer care is a massive part of what we do and why we have the reputation we have with the dealers. It is a constant plate spinning act.

That sounds like a very busy role!

It is very busy! My role is primarily making sure the teams have got the right kind of direction, they’re doing the right things and have the right focuses.

So lets talk about that work flow obsession…are you are bit OCD with those workflows?

I am a little bit OCD, yeah. I just feel like you can’t function properly without a good process! I have to know what I am doing, when I am doing it. And from a personal point not just work, if I let things slide and don’t keep myself organised I am less productive.

So no spontaneous trips out at weekends then?

No, I can do that, I can be spontaneous…but probably more of a planner.

Does that mean you have to plan for everything?

It does…but to be fair we do have to be prepared for anything to happen. When something unexpected happens or we need to act quickly, we can be reactive to those sorts of situations and lean on past experiences.

Danni will tell you, I have all the P’s “Proper Preparation Prevents … Poor Performance” If we prepare for anything nothing will surprise us. When we do need to react, it’s times like that is when you see the spirit that all the Clickers have. And it’s just in people and you can’t explain it, it’s just something that happens.

It’s really nice to see that everyone just clubs together when there is a “Friday meltdown”, even when we are having to work from home.

Talking of working from home, how have you found it, through lockdowns and isolating?

Very difficult for me personally. The web change team have thrived working from home. Myself, I’m quite sociable so I like being in the office. I’ve not got an office at home, I’m at the dining table, which is fine but then you think is there any point packing it away and I won’t stop at 5 if I am at home.

Moving on then, what do you like doing outside of work

Well we had a puppy in October, Barry the cockapoo..

At this point she goes to get him to show me

He is nearly 6 months old, he is very fluffy, he’d not had his first proper hair cut yet.

So we go to puppy classes and we’ll go to Trentham passes and do lots of walking with him, I like walking I find it relaxing, it’s good to get away from the screen.

Socialising has taking a bit of a backburner at the moment but I have a group of friends we try and do stuff with. I was quite conscious about Covid at the beginning but two years down the line we can’t stop living our lives. I was worried how it will affect the kids as the grow up but now I have had it, the kids have had it has made me a bit calmer about it.

*Barry starts barking at the Hamster*

Do you have a zoo going on in the house?

Literally a zoo. We have Barry the dog, Logan the Cat, Rick the hamster and Barbie and Chelsea the fish. And, of course, I have to look after them all as well.

Barry and Logan don’t get on. At the moment the dogs got his head hanging out the cat flap and the cat will only come in if the dog if in his crate otherwise he has to come in through the window.

We get “presents” off the cat, we live next to some woods, so he will bring in mice, but he won’t kill them he’ll just drop them and we have to get it out the house. Once one went in my handbag, Will had to take my handbag outside, it was dark, my stuff was everywhere. And its always a Saturday night! He must think “They’ve been in all day, they must need something to do, I’ll take them a mouse”

So, we’ve all been stuck in the house, what’s your favourite film to watch?

That’s really hard. Love Dangerous Minds, that’s in my top 3. Then, I like all the Tarantino’s. But if I want something easy to watch I like Bridesmaids and I’m not really a chick flick fan.

I’m in to anything, it’s like my music tastes.

You asked for this question there! What music do you listen too?

Indie music, alternative is my go to. But I like 80’s too, I love Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks. I like Florence and the Machine. I like a mixture.

When I am studying I have to listen to calm classical, piano type music, I find it helps me concentrate. So my Apple music recommended is just full of the most mishmashed type of things ever.

Last question, what do you love most about Click?

The people 100%, they make it. We are really lucky with the senior team, they have been there since the beginning and they are so supportive, they have given me opportunities I wouldn’t get anywhere else and supported me in what I want in my personal growth too. They are always happy to hear ideas, recommendations and that sort of thing too.


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