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Meet the Clickers – Sadie Berrisford

The Clickers are back again to bring you the 20th episode of Meet the Clickers!

To mark the milestone I caught up with a member of our fabulous Customer Care Team, Sadie!

Sadie! Great to catch up. Could you give us an insight to the start of your Clicker journey and how it came about?

“So, before Click I was a teacher at a school for naughty children and decided that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and that I wanted a change in career.  Ben from Customer Care then told me there was a job going here, so I applied and after a long 12-week notice period at the school I started working here in July and haven’t looked back since.”

Lovely stuff. Your job title is Customer Care Executive, could you tell us what this involves for yourself?

“My job includes speaking to the customers and helping them to resolve any issues that they may have, but recently I have taken on a more training based role. I am currently training dealers on our new product ClickEngage™ and helping with the set up and go live process. Eventually I will be assisting Danni with stock web training, which is training new dealers on how to advertise their stock through our system.”

Your name (so you say) is Sadie, but rumour has it that it is actually Benzantie? Could you confirm what your real name is and why there is such confusion around it?!

“So, when I first started I was introduced to people as Ben Wood’s Auntie. Callum had to take my photo for the website and asked someone (I think it was yourself) who I was and said I was Benzantie. Callum believed this and sent my ‘Meet the New Clicker’ email out to everyone as Benzantie so everyone thought that was my name. He’s a bizarre youth our Callum! Although I do like Benzantie, it’s quite a good name.”

What is the single best day on the calendar?

“22nd September because a lot of good things seem to happen on that day, as this was the day I moved to Liverpool and started University and my first date with my partner Dan.”

Apparently, you have an obsession with Bon Jovi, could you explain why this is?

“Well my Mum is a massive fan, so ever since I was little I listened to Bon Jovi and she took me to my first Bon Jovi concert when I was 17 and I was hooked.  If a concert starts at 7pm, we like to be sat outside the stadium at 6am so we can get to the front.

I love the music and he is good to look at so I can’t complain.”

What is the best way to start a day?

“With a very large coffee, preferably a gingerbread latte.”

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

“‘As much as I would like to meet Bon Jovi, it would have to be John Lennon as I love the Beatles and the 60’s and think he would be an interesting person to meet.”

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

“I would love to learn another language and be fluent in it, one of my best friends is Welsh and I love the way she can just change her language and none of us can understand her. I think it’s a real talent to be able to change from one language to another.”

Lastly, what do you love most about working at Click?

“I love the friendly environment and how from my first day everyone has made me feel welcome. It’s such a lovely place to work and all the people are great. Even though I have only been here 6 months, I feel like I have worked here for ages.  I think Click has a real family feel to it and it is lovely to work somewhere, where I enjoy coming to work.”

Thanks Sadie for another great episode of Meet the Clickers! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for episode 21! If that’s too long to wait, then why not catch up on some of our previous episodes to keep you going!

J Pod.


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