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Meet The Clickers – Siana

In this month’s meet the clicker, we speak to Siana from the training team and learn more about her role at Click Dealer and what she loves doing in her free time.

What is your role at Click Dealer?

I am in the training team, so I train dealers on the different products. At the moment I only train ClickDMS but recently did my first ClickPosts training session which was fun.

Are all your training sessions different?

Yeah, so I do refreshes and new dealer training and each session is always different. It could be a dealer who wants refreshing on a certain part of the DMS or if they have a new starter who needs training up. It is always different!

How did you start in the training team?

Basically, my sister works at Click and when I was looking for a change she suggested I apply for an opening on the Customer Care team but I saw an opening on the Training team on Click Dealers website too at the same time so I applied for both. I was offered an interview for both roles and ended up here purely down to circumstances at the time.

I love working at Click on the Training team, I don’t feel stressed, it is so laid back and such a good atmosphere to work in.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I am a big baker, I only really do baking for friends and family though now. Besides that, I am big into horror and love all kinds of music from Musicals to Pop and Rock.

There are so many horror fans at Click Dealer!

Yeah, there are, most of the team is into horror.

My favourites have to be the old 70’s/80’s slasher flicks. And American Psycho, love it. Also the Shining, the films good as well as the book. I’m trying to read more this year.

What do you love reading?

My friend always buys me books she likes which she thinks I will like to. This year I have read The Power, The Scarlet Letter, Luckiest Girl Alive (which has a film on Netflix too) and now I am readying We Need To Talk About Kevin. All seem to have a dark undertone! I used to read all the time when I was younger and it dropped off so I want to get back into reading more. I love the feel of a good old paperback book!

What’s your ideal weekend?

Well, my friends are a bit all over the county so I have to travel to see them, so an ideal weekend is spending time with them and watching a good horror movie together.

I love going to London when I go to my friend’s in Southend. She is originally from Manchester so sometimes she comes up here too. Manchester is my favourite place.

What do you love most about Manchester?

Probably Albert Schloss, the food and drink is amazing there. I love Afflecks Palace too, all the different subcultures. Oh and the Washhouse, a secret bar which is disguised as a laundrette.

What’s your favourite thing about Click Dealer?

The people. I’m sure everyone says that! It is just…the culture is so supportive, everything is set to my pace, I’m not pushed to do anything I’m not comfortable with. You’re trusted to do your job. I love it.



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