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Online Car Sales Are on the Rise!

Customers are increasingly buying used cars on the internet rather than from a dealership in person. The Centre for Economics and Business estimates that by 2027, a fifth of cars sales will be online and this trend is expected to rise continuously.
Buy Cars Online
Consumers are increasingly looking online to buy their new vehicles.
What does this mean for Dealers?

On the one hand, this creates new challenges for car dealers, as customers become comfortable browsing and ordering cars from other dealerships hundreds of miles away, drastically increasing the competition. On the other hand, it provides opportunity for gaining a vast range of new customers, if you make intelligent alterations to your marketing strategy.

How to Use these Trends to your Advantage

For dealerships, it is crucial to adapt to customer preferences, and so you must make sure your company is highly appealing to online users. To improve the customer experience and increase the chances of securing sales, you should consider using marketing techniques like personalisation, retargeting and price matching.

Third-Party Reviews

Above all, customers want assurance that your company is trustworthy and will deliver a high standard of customer service. The most valuable source that customers look to for this assurance is reviews from previous customers.

Third-party opinions and information can strongly effect the decision-making process for consumers so having a way to manage customer reviews is therefore essential for your marketing strategy. It is important to have a system in place to invite customers to leave reviews and also enable you to reply and rectify any issues and this all needs to be visible to potential future customers.

There will always be people who want to buy cars from salespeople at dealerships in person, but it is an inescapable fact that an increasing number of people are going online to purchase, and by following the advice above, you could expand the realm of opportunity for your business.

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