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Is Outsourcing Vehicle Preparation the Solution to the Quality Used Cars Shortage?

There has been a lot of focus on used cars this year, which has resulted in high acquisition prices and a lack of quality vehicles. This has led some retailers to turn to cars which are lower in quality and in need of refurbishing.

This solution to the shortage of decent cars, has its downsides, primarily the increased time between a vehicle being obtained and put on sale.

The Outsourcing Option

Outsourcing can be of benefit to some larger dealers with service centres and car supermarkets because with so many vehicles coming in and out constantly, the refurbishment could conflict with appointments scheduled by the aftersales department, which may end up having an impact on customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing car preparation work will free up time and resources in the workshop and reduce the number of days vehicle spend in stock without being on sale.

Improved Car Refurbishment and De-Fleet Centres

In recent years, refurbishment and de-fleet centres have improved their facilities and performance, making outsourcing an increasingly appealing option.

These centres can offer fixed prices for manufacturer-standard vehicle preparation, and with a pre-determined service level agreement (SLA) you can expect a set turn-around time to be honoured. This means that you can be prepared to put vehicles on sale, with assurance of the date that they will be ready.


Another benefit of outsourcing is that it can save money, as you can pick and choose when you need to use external resources, rather than hiring more staff and investing in more facilities, which might not always be required.

If you have workshop hours available, you will be able to conduct refurbishment in-house, but outsourcing is an option during busy periods. You will be in control of your dealership’s usage of extra help and won’t waste money on staff and equipment when you don’t have as much refurbishment work.

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