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Research recently conducted by Skoda UK into our driving habits found that around 3.74million motorists in the UK caused damage to their vehicles while parking in 2019, landing them with an average repair bill of £396. When added up this comes to an eye-watering total of £1.5 billion!

As part of their research, Skoda UK surveyed 2,000 motorists with interesting insights being revealed into what many consider their least favourite part of driving- actually parking the vehicle at the end.

11% of respondents admitted that they had caused serious damage to their cars in 2019, with 40% going on to confess to having hit an adjacent vehicle in a car park with their car door as they were getting out. A further 40% revealed that they had collided with a stationary object while manoeuvring such as a tree, a lamppost, or a space divider.

Drivers were also found to kerb their wheels, on average, twice a year, causing noticeable damage to their alloys like scratches and scuffs.

Several respondents acknowledged that parking could make them see red, with 19% of drivers admitting to becoming embroiled in an argument with other motorists or bystanders. Hitting closer to home, another 14% of those surveyed revealed that an argument over parking made them temporarily stop speaking to their partner.

Little ones received a special mention in the study, as 20% of parents believed that they were being frequently distracted by children while they were trying to park.

Despite this, 73% of motorists consider themselves to be good parkers, although 53% did admit that they felt they would be unable to satisfy a driving instructor should they take their driving test again.

A spokesperson for Skoda commented:

“While many people feel confident in their parking capabilities, the numbers show motorists have forked out significant sums in the last 12 months repairing their cars from parking mishaps.
“The advanced technology on our cars means they no longer have to do the parking themselves. Driver aids… help reduce stress around parking and should see the number of parking prangs decrease so Brits won’t be hurt where it hurts most – in the pocket.”

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