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How to Perform on Facebook Despite the Latest News Feed Algorithm

Earlier this year, Facebook began changing the news feed so that it focuses more on content from friends and family, leaving less room for public posts.

As the news of this began to spread around the marketing world, social media managers scrambled for higher ground on other platforms.

Pages that haven’t adapted to the changes have seen a dramatic drop in organic reach, while those that have embraced it and worked around it (read this to find out how) have seen much better results.

So, before you lose hope and give up on the world’s largest social network, consider introducing some of the following best practices into your approach.

Humanise Your Brand

Facebook’s latest changes are an effort to re-align the platform with what Zuckerberg’s vision has been all along, to bring people together. And, over the last few years, Facebook has been slated for clogging up people’s feeds with clickbait and ads.

Therefore, to survive the new Facebook era, your dealership need to embrace its humanity.

You need to find your dealership’s voice and use it consistently to engage with fans, almost like you would with friends and family.

Think – who would your dealership be if it was a person? What would they be like.

Then, define your tone of voice and how you will be perceived online.

For inspiration, look at MoonPie, a brand that has skyrocketed their social following and brand presence worldwide through simply being human.

In 2018, with the current social media algorithms, you will not be getting anywhere near that kind of growth, engagement or response from people by allowing your dealership to appear dull and corporate.

Engage Your Inner Circle onto Your News Feed

Engaging your dealership’s inner circle is key to surviving the Facebook changes.

Identify the people that are deeply invested in your dealership and your products and encourage them to channel their passion by engaging with your social media content.

It is important to remember that your audience is unlikely to be marketing experts, so to inspire meaningful, sustainable engagement, and help them understand the impact of their efforts for your brand awareness. A conversation between you and your ‘inner circle’ could be something as simple as asking them to invite their friends to like your page.

Doing this could get the same amount of page likes in 12 hours as you may have gained organically in a week or even a month.

Build Relationships with Your Audience

No matter how many best practices you implement, you will inevitably experience lower reach on your page due to the algorithm.

But, rather than letting the numbers drive you crazy and waste valuable time and effort trying to fix something that you can’t change, shift your attention to building meaningful relationships with your fans.

Through doing that, not only will our audience feel close to your newly-humanised brand, but they will be more interested and keen to engage with you and your posts, so take a break from the data and spend more time in the comment sections making your fans feel valued.

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