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How To Plan The Perfect Sales Event To Sell Cars Fast

When it comes to Sales events, the success lies in the foundation and preparation rather than how good the event is itself. Follow these tips and your event will see a high concentration of sales in a very short period of time.

The showroom event is a sales tactic used by automotive retailers for a lot of different reasons:

• To clear stock

• Hit targets

• Boost sales

• Increase data

• Improve retention

These events are really successful due to a number of factors but it’s important to understand that it’s not just about inviting as many people as you can to your showroom on a certain day and hoping to do a deal with them all. You need to make the event something special for the customer.

The Personal Touch

When sending out invites, make sure you do this to each individual customer personally, make them feel special and valued. Ensure there is a wide range of vehicles that will be suitable for that particular customer. Don’t invite SUV customers if your stock is heavily smaller cars, they’ll feel like they’ve wasted their time. You don’t just want a bunch of very similar SUVs either – you need a variation of specs, sizes, fuel types and colours.

You need to think about how your customer can respond to your invitation as well. It needs to be quick and easy and cater for all ages and backgrounds. Make sure details are on the invitation to RSVP using your dealerships phone number, email, website and even offer WhatsApp, Snapchat or Facebook Messenger as alternatives.

Set the Stage

Make your entrance look impressive. Maybe a red carpet, velvet ropes and some flags. It could be an idea to decide on a theme, make it go hand in hand with your brand image and keep it consistent throughout your communications leading up to the event. Make sure the environment you create encourages people to stick around and do a deal on the day. Music is great, but make sure it’s not too loud and suits a neutral taste – so keep those playlists PG! And don’t forget some food, this is sure to keep people grazing and in a good mood.

All Aboard

Brief your sales team and make sure they’re on board with the event. Give them the full list of offers available, which cars are the most important to sell and maybe encourage them to wear something different to normal. Suited and booted is a common look for a salesman, so if at your event you get some branded event t-shirts or polo tops then your sales team will stand out and be much more approachable. Setting up a sales incentive for the event is also a good idea for extra motivation.

Don’t Over Do It

When events work this well, it’s easy to think you can do them every month, or every quarter. However, doing them this frequently will massively deplete the interest levels and increase your costs. At the most you should be hosting two events per year, make sure it’s outside of any school holidays, not too close to Christmas, and bear in mind that during plate change months new car sales tend to increase, so look into jumping in before these launches to avoid losing customers to juicy new car deals.

Most importantly though, have fun with it. Give your customers a first-class experience and encourage your sales team to sell the stock you have on your forecourt and set them targets to aim for.

If you’d like any further advice on how to set up the perfect event or about any of Click Dealer’s products and services then please contact marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or call us via 01782 478220 or using our contact page.

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