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Revhead Ramblings: An Affordable Electric Sports Car is Exactly What We Need

The electric market is dominated by either small, affordable city cars or big, expensive saloons. What the market is crying out for is a cheap sports car to convert people to electric driving!

Think about it, sports cars are already light, so the added weight of a battery shouldn’t have too much of an effect on performance. The low positioning of the battery will also aid handling, a key point in sports cars. It all makes perfect sense.

I’m sure there’ll be a few people who’ve already jumped to the comments to tell me a car like this already exists. The Tesla Roadster is almost exactly what I’ve just described, a two seat EV with a focus on entertaining driving. The only point missing from the spec is affordability.

The Lotus-based Tesla cost just shy of £90,000 when it was debuted! That would place it against some seriously tough competition and, more importantly, well out of reach for the 99% of us…

The Best of Both Worlds

This new electric sports car would be more than just a fun car to blast on the weekends though, this is a car that you’d be happy to commute to work in. A range of over 200 miles would see most people only topping their batteries up overnight, you’ll have zero impact on local air pollution and at the end of a long day, when the roads have cleared, you’ll still have a fun car to thrash home.

You don’t have to compromise when it comes to weekend thrills however, you’ve still got a fast and low roadster to carve up the best roads Britain has to offer, you may have to stop to charge whilst you’re out, but how many Sunday drives are complete without a pub lunch or a spot of shopping?

Just a Few More Years…

I’m not expecting this Mazda MX-5 rival to be announced tomorrow, development and production costs of EVs are declining, but they’re not quite low enough to give manufacturers the profit margin their accountants crave.

There’s an influx of EV models due for launch between now and 2020, I just hope that at least one manufacturer will take pity on car enthusiasts, take some of this hardware and give us the affordable electric sports car we all deserve!

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