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Revhead Ramblings: Alex’s Automotive Pet Peeves

I read somewhere the other day that getting everything that annoys you off your chest is a great way to start 2019. So, with that in mind, what better place to start than cars?

Obviously, I accept that cars are incredibly personal and impersonal things. To some they’re a mode of transport and to others they’re family. Things I hate, others will love but that’s the beauty of the automotive world!

Fake Badges

There’s a 330i that I drive past everyday on my way to work, it’s not a slow car by any means, but it’s also not an M car. And yet, beside his 330i badge might I add, he’s placed an M3 emblem on the boot… Who does he honestly think this will fool?

For those who don’t suss out his ruse from the uninspiring body kit, small alloys and tall ride height; he still has the original badge on the car! While BMW drivers are the main culprits for this, I’ve seen it on Mercedes, Fords and Volkswagens. eBay badges aren’t cool, they’re quite the opposite.

Unnecessarily Bright Headlights

Why is it manufacturers insist on offering headlights that illuminate the roads brighter than the sun on a summers day in July? Yes, I can see the safety benefits for the driver of the vehicle, but for anyone coming the other way or being followed by the guy with search lights for head lamps, it’s incredibly distracting and dangerous!

An EV Doesn’t Make You a Saint

Yes, an electric car is great, it doesn’t emit any fumes and you aren’t reliant on oil to fuel your car. However, for those people who believe they’re above regular ICE drivers there are a few things to consider. While some of the power used to charge your car may come from renewable sources, the majority is still from gas and coal power stations.

Secondly, to produce your high capacity batteries, the minerals must first be mined, often by workers who’re mistreated. These metals must then be shipped to another country to be refined, the refined material is then shipped again to be made into batteries before being shipped once more to the final assembly point. EV drivers really are trying to make a difference but they’re not always as eco-friendly as they think!

Touchscreens Upon Touchscreens

Having a central touchscreen in cars is great. More often than not they’re far prettier than a radio, they offer more functionality and are usually much easier to use. This was true until manufacturers decided they could declutter the dash even more by including heating controls and every other setting into this one screen.

Yes, this may look cleaner, but it often makes turning the heating up a dangerous and frustrating task. Hitting exactly where you want on the screen while travelling on Britain’s notoriously bumpy roads and keeping your attention straight ahead is a near impossible task. I like tech in my car but leave some physical controls!

I could continue this list forever and I’m sure you could all add plenty more. 2019 is a huge year for cars though and I genuinely can’t wait to see what’s going to be released. There’s sure to be plenty more things to go on this list next year, I just hope those fake M badges are criminalised before then…

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